Presenting Storm Room: A Message Board for IdeaStormers

The amount of activity on the Dell Community sites is
incredible.  We've received tons of great
ideas from you, many of which have already been implemented, and others we've been working
with you to find the best ways to make them work. 

Each Dell Community site serves a
specific purpose.  We use Direct2Dell, to
communicate to you.  IdeaStorm is your channel to share ideas
with Dell, and the Dell Community
, is a means for you to communicate with each other.  There's also StudioDell,
Ratings and Reviews, and more to come. 

lines do blur at times.  Often, we will
respond to posts on IdeaStorm and the blog, or other folks from Dell might jump into
a conversation between members.  The Dell
Community is constantly growing, and we are always trying to think up new ways
to accommodate you and get more people involved.  As segmented as each Community site may sometimes seem, we are ultimately the same entity and are working together to coordinate our efforts.

Occasionally, IdeaStormers will chat with each
other on IdeaStorm about what's happening in the news or how the day is going. While these are the sorts of relationships that make an online community
great, we don't want the original
of IdeaStorm to be diluted by member conversations that could take
place in a more constructive environment.  So, where should these conversations live? 

We've heard your requests, and the Dell Community is happy to announce the creation
of Storm
, a board on the Dell Community Forum specifically for IdeaStormers
to communicate with each other.  You will need
to register
with the Dell Community Forum to post on the board even if you already have an
IdeaStorm login.  After that, the board
is yours.  Feel free to post articles of
interest, jokes, your thoughts on IdeaStorm, or just get to know each other

look forward to hearing what you have to say. 
See you in the Storm Room!

About the Author: Jackie C