Private Wireless Networks – Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises

Dell’s Private Wireless Program offers choice and flexibility with pre-validated solutions for network operators and enterprises.

Exciting, high-growth Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) use cases will create new outcome opportunities for enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs). Various segments, including connected machinery, oil and gas, energy smart grids already rely on 4G and 5G private networks to securely provide these and other innovative services.

This enterprise innovation cycle will require focus, strategic planning and investments. Companies all over the world are looking at private wireless as part of their horizontal “innovation fabric.” They want it to be secure, reliable, easy to operate and future-proof to support new use cases to come.

Connecting every sensor and every device wirelessly has become the pre-condition to agile operations that enable high value-generating technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and distributed ledger.

CSPs: Transforming to Serve Enterprises

The bulk of CSPs’ revenue has historically come from massive voice and data services to end users. To serve enterprises at scale, CSPs will need to adapt the “Public Network” model, where one network delivers the same sort of services to millions of users, to one where every enterprise requires a particular set of attributes such as coverage, throughput, security and operational model. CSPs will need to transform, partner and evolve their operational processes to be able to capture the new outcomes from the enterprise space.

Requirements for a Future-proof Private Wireless Network 

Enterprises in different vertical segments plan to utilize private wireless networks to connect every sensor, device and user. Full data consolidation will allow them to augment the value of data to generate additional insights via analytics and AI. Below are some of the most relevant enterprises requirements for private wireless deployments:

    • Horizontal platform for innovation. Private Wireless networks behave as horizontal connectivity platforms where all the innovation will happen. Being able to reuse technology integration efforts for multiple use cases positively impacts the enterprise-to-enterprise private wireless adoption business case.
    • Self-services. Enterprises need control and agility to manage the day-to-day network configurations without depending on external providers’ lead time.
    • Simple deployment and operations. Edge applications and new use cases must be centrally onboarded, distributed and managed throughout the life cycle. One single orchestration engine integrated into the edge platform can significantly simplify this process. A consolidated operations and management platform (OMP) from which OT and IT personnel can have complete control without navigating through a maze of separate complex systems is critical.
    • Extend private control to public networks. Public networks can seamlessly support private devices and users, without requiring manual intervention, for example, to select SIM cards and service profile privileges. They should also be able to carry on their original subnets, IP addresses and security policies as defined by the private network operator.

A Collaboration Ecosystem

Dell Technologies has been innovating at the edge with open disaggregated platforms and services to enable Communication Service Providers and Enterprise to modernize operations and generate new outcomes. We partner with leading IIoT companies to deliver more than connectivity – our goal is to assure enterprise outcomes.

We complement CSPs strengths with platforms designed to reach enterprise’s goals at scale. Dell Private Wireless is a Multi-Vendor Solution powered by hyperconverged infrastructure, in partnership with Airspan, a leading private wireless RAN, and Expeto, the world’s leading cloud-based platform to enable mission critical converged Enterprise Mobile Networks (EMNs) for enterprise customers.

With Dell Private Wireless with Airspan and Expeto launch, we want to simplify the adoption of agile Private Wireless networks for enterprises. Our approach is structured around an ecosystem of well-consolidated industry partners to help simplify enterprise’s adoption journey. Our enterprise-to-enterprise private wireless services capabilities complement CSPs’ strengths, allowing them to provide enterprises with dedicated networks tailored for performance and flexibility at scale.

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Marco Castanheira

About the Author: Marco Castanheira

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