Proactively Monitor and Secure your Windows 10 Devices

Each day customers are feeling the stress of dealing with thousands of new malware threats.  The sheer volume, along with the advanced sophistication of these threats makes it increasingly difficult for security organizations to handle.

Leading researchers and response teams have published statistics that the median time for organizations to detect an intrusion is more than 200 days.  The need and challenge is clear.

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To help customers identify and manage these threats, Dell has worked closely with Microsoft to launch a new managed service to help decrease the mean time for breach detection.  Our service, the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Managed Service, is available in 10 countries today with more to follow in the year ahead.

“Device security is very much top of mind with our joint customers,” said Pieter Uittenbogaard, Senior Director, Windows & Devices Group Marketing. “With this new offer, Dell is showing real leadership in helping customers manage their ongoing security needs.”

Windows 10 Enterprise E5 includes Windows Defender ATP, a security service that enables the detection, investigation, and response to advanced threats on networks. Our new offering joins the power of this service with our cybersecurity services professionals. We help you know if you are under attack, by whom, as well as the severity of the attack. Cyber threats are analyzed by our security professionals to detect and investigate a range of attacks, malicious behavior, and provide specific guidance to take action.

The service has four main components. Let’s talk a bit more about these areas and how they can help your organization.

Active monitoring

A centralized threat intelligence identification process that leverages Windows Defender ATP’s artificial intelligence combined with machine learning to manage the volume of malware created daily.

Data Analytics

Helps accurately and effectively categorize threats and assigns a unique classification to each threat detected.

Recurring Threat Report

A detailed threat analysis report that ranks low to high severity level threats along with recommendations on how to best remediate the threats.

Security Operations Integration

Helps achieve a deeper integration with customers’ environments to triage issues faster and provide a level of automation for pre-determined actions.  It also helps with notifications and tickets with security or IT operations teams.

With the Windows Defender ATP Managed Service, customers can achieve peace of mind knowing that we are helping to reduce the median time threats are active in their environment, as well as provide actionable intelligence for remediation.

This service is one of two new Windows 10 managed service offerings we are debuting this week at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s annual partner conference. We also introduced a Windows as a Service (WaaS) managed service. You get a team of consultants that help assess, identify and manage key infrastructure, policy and application processes for managing WaaS. Learn more about it in this blog.

Microsoft and Dell have a long standing partnership and Microsoft has honored us numerous times for our services programs that help customers deploy and adopt Microsoft technology. Last year alone we won six awards and this year we have been named the Windows & Devices Deployment Partner of the Year and the World Wide Consulting and Systems Integration Partner of the Year. If you are in need of Microsoft expertise or help planning and deploying your transition to Windows 10, look no further than the award winning Dell EMC Services team.

About the Author: Greg Bomsta

Greg Bomsta is a global Director on the Dell EMC Services end user computing team. Greg leads the professional services delivery teams that implement Dell EMC’s portfolio of awareness, fortification and vigilance cybersecurity services to help customers protect their data, devices, identity and networks.