ProDeploy – The New Word in Deployment

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word.” In this spirit of great and simple, today we’re introducing something that can be expressed in a single word:  ProDeploy. But it’s not just a single offer; we’re launching the ProDeploy Enterprise Suite, with three new services, 18 new training classes, three new certifications and a services competency program through PartnerDirect.

Born from our guiding principles of experts, insights and ease, we built the suite to help our customers and channel partners around the world radically simplify how they deploy Dell server, storage and networking equipment. To get the most out of their investment, customers need their datacenter technology out of the box and into optimized production fast and without risk or downtime. It’s a tall order but we have the solution – a suite of deployment services, training and certifications, uniquely designed to help customers achieve outcomes like:

We know customers struggle to find the budget, talent and time needed to get out of backlog to focus on innovation – we can help. IDC confirms organizations outsourcing deployments to experts like Dell save an average of $2,000 per device from IT labor staff savings and user productivity from decreased downtime.

“Dell has done an excellent job identifying pain points for enterprises when it comes to system deployments,” states Rob Brothers, Vice President, Software & Hardware Support and Deploy Services, IDC. “According to our data, customers are looking for help around data migration, pre-deployment assessment, and training on new technologies. Dell has responded with the ProDeploy Enterprise Suite, a new set of services and training that helps customers have smoother implementations and offers more support for complex integrations — all in easy-to-purchase, pre-packaged solutions.”

The ProDeploy Enterprise Suite includes:

  • ProDeploy Plus – Going far beyond traditional deployment services, ProDeploy Plus is the most complete deployment offer in the market. It includes exhaustive planning, extensive remote validation, full configuration support for 30 days and training credits that can be used whenever training is needed. And for systems that also have ProSupport Plus, the Technical Account Manager will make sure that everything runs smoothly. Around the clock and around the globe ProDeploy Plus is available at any hour of the day or night on any day of the year in 55 countries. 
  • ProDeploy – Built for customers who want expertise to plan, install and configure their technology and also value remote validation with a smooth handoff to tech support. 
  • Basic Deployment service – Designed for customers who just need business hours hardware installation.

For channel partners and customers who want to deploy with the precision of a Dell certified engineer, we’re launching brand new training courses and certifications for Dell Storage and Networking. Training is available online and certification exams are offered at 5,500 testing centers in 180 countries – including one only 4 kilometers from Sir Winston’s former residence at 10 Downing Street in London.

To top things off, we’re introducing a services competency program through PartnerDirect, starting with a Deployment Services Competency. Premier and Preferred partners with two Dell certified experts get exclusive access to Dell deployment methodologies and tools historically only available to Dell engineers. 

“We had no idea how strong Dell’s internal deployment and planning tools were and are thrilled we now have access to those and to their labs.  There’s no doubt they’ll take our deployment capabilities to the next level,” Sonia St. Charles, CEO and Founder of Dell partner Davenport Group, the first partner to achieve a Deployment Competency shared. “By reselling Dell ProDeploy, we are confident we can significantly expand both our capacity and our customer base.”

Once while visiting the Plaza Hotel in New York, Churchill explained to the manager “My tastes are simple. I am easily satisfied with the best.” We know customers love ProSupport Plus, one of the best support programs in the industry, for their mission critical hardware, and we know they are going to love ProDeploy Plus. You can’t go wrong with Dell’s most complete support and now deployment services. What do you think of the latest member of the Dell family?

About the Author: Jim Roth