Protect Remote Workforce Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device

Every day, we hear terrifying headlines such as this one – 27 million doctors’ mobile devices at high risk of malware. Our recent Dell Threat Report confirms the increase in malware targeted to Android devices. Fortunately today we are announcing the news of our latest Dell SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access 11.4 OS and the SMA 1000 Series to arm your IT organization with greater security, scalability and ability to abide by compliance standards. With this launch, we deliver more power and speed to remote workers to securely access corporate data via policy-based access on any mobile device.

Our new Dell SonicWALL SMA 11.4 offers numerous state of the art features. The dynamic Global Traffic Optimizer (GTO) will enable thousands of concurrent users to have protected remote access capabilities. Our new Regulatory Compliance standards meet the strictest security for the latest government regulations. The innovative Management API will deliver enhanced workflow; and the SAML 2.0 Support will save valuable remote workforce time. Enterprises like the NFL-champion Denver Broncos are using Dell SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access (SMA). I hope you will explore what this solution can do for you and your mobile strategy.

“We increased our return on investment by using Dell SonicWALL SRA with SuperMassive next-gen firewall because we offload VPN traffic from our main firewall to the SRA.” Russ Trainor, vice president of Technology, Denver Broncos.

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SMA 1000 11.4 OS brings the following additional functionality enhancements to this series.

  • Global Traffic Optimizer (GTO) – provides a turnkey approach to delivering massive global scalability of concurrent users while continuing to maintain secure access. This allows customers to better address secure access of data as they face an ever-growing workforce, company expansion to different locations both within country and globally, and proliferation of device types used by workers.
  • Regulatory Compliance – ensures security compliance with the most stringent industry and government regulations, like “Federal Information Processing Standards” (FIPS) and Suite B cipher support. This is crucial in highly regulated organizations to maintain compliance (e.g., Government, Financial, Healthcare, etc.).
  • Management API – gives access to SonicWALL’s SMA API. This enables enhanced workflow, orchestration and automation, improving customers’ operational processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Enhanced SAML 2.0 support – creates a great end-user experience by allowing Single Sign-On (SSO) eliminating individual sign on to SaaS applications. This saves time used to spend in logging onto multiple applications, one at a time.

These key innovations are critical because mobile users are often using the same device for both business and personal tasks.  Consequently, businesses are at a growing risk of multiple security breaches such as:

  • Unauthorized users gaining access to company networks and systems from lost or stolen devices
  • Malware-infected devices acting as a conduit to infect company systems
  • Interception of company data “in-flight” on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks
  • Loss of business data stored on devices if rogue personal apps or unauthorized users gain access

Dell SonicWALL’s Secure Mobile Access (SMA) portfolio solves these problems our customers are facing by providing mobile and remote workers using smart phones, tablets or laptops (whether managed or unmanaged) with policy-enforced SSL VPN access to mission-critical applications, data and resources without compromising security.

In case you missed this, the following key functionality enhancements have already been added across the SMA 1000 line that are especially noteworthy: Centralized Management System (CMS), HTML Clients and Proxies and Personal Device Authorization. 

This entire impressive operating system runs on the Dell SonicWALL SMA 1000 Series Models: SRA EX6000, SMA 6200, SMA 8200V (Virtual Appliance), SRA EX7000, SMA 7200, and SRA EX9000.

Our customers are already benefiting from these powerful anytime, anywhere on any device security solutions.

“With Dell SonicWALL, we can stay at the forefront of this changing landscape. We have a great business relationship with Dell SonicWALL, and its customer service and engineering support was outstanding,” said our customere C.J. Daab, Technology Support Coordinator, Hall County School.

Learn more detail on Dell SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access data sheet.

About the Author: Patrick Sweeney