Put Some Rugged Into Your Server Solutions With the New PowerEdge XR2

Problem-Solving Is Part of Your DNA – and Mine

Confession time – it’s probably the engineer in me but I love problem-solving. I guess that means that we share something in common as your job, as an OEM provider, is to design vertical solutions to meet your customers’ challenges. As the head of the Global Product Engineering Group for Dell EMC OEM Solutions, I have a similar mission. The good news is that we can put our problem-solving heads together!

Dell EMC OEM can help you address your customers’ needs with our standards-based, Tier 1 solutions that can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. True to my engineering form, let me start by asking you a few leading questions.

Questions and Ultimately Answers

Are you creating solutions outside of the traditional data center? Do your customers need to access applications and data anytime, anywhere?

Do you need to build solutions that can stand up to any challenge? Maybe you have unique challenges – for example, are your solutions operating in environments that are dusty, dirty, have extreme temperatures, are at high elevations or are at risk of shock and vibrations?

Maybe you specialize in designing solutions for aerospace, defense, marine, oil and gas exploration, industrial automation, healthcare, telecommunications or transportation. Perhaps your customers include police forces, security, first-time responders or those who work in disaster zones? Do you need to comply with industry-specific certifications, such as MIL-STD-810G or MIL-S-901D? OK, enough questions – time for some answers!                                                           

Put Some Rugged in Your Solution

If you have said yes to any of these questions, you will most definitely be interested in our hardened and fully rugged solutions, which include servers, laptops, desktops and tablets. Our end-to-end, rugged ecosystem offers performance, durability and reliability in any environment with proven hardware platforms, ruggedized features with the reassurance of Dell EMC limited hardware warranty and global support.

Welcome to the Latest Toughie: The PowerEdge XR2

Our latest addition to the rugged line-up is the small but mighty 14th generation PowerEdge XR2, which is ideal for all sorts of tough conditions, including military vehicles and weapons, mobile C3 and C5ISTAR applications, in-vehicle command and control, deployable solutions and transit case. But, don’t just take my word for it – this is what some of our customers had to say about its predecessor, the PowerEdge R420xr. Remember with 14G, you can expect more of the same – only better with enhanced performance, security and systems management features.

Oil and Gas

An energy services company built a satellite communications solution for drilling firms in remote harsh environments. These satcom installations were critical for numerous types of communications back to control and command centers.

The PowerEdge was chosen to cope with severe environmental requirements with the customer saying that it provided ‘outstanding quality’ in the field. Prior to choosing Dell EMC, the energy services supplier’s solution was with a white box provider that had suffered outages because of jarring transportation, dust and extreme temperatures.

Military and Defense

A military solution provider was interested in developing an offering as part of a mobile command center application for use in military field operations. They required a combination of compute, storage and networking that could handle tremendous dust ingress, shock and vibration resistance plus extreme temperature ranges.

The winning solution also required long product life-cycles. Partnering with Dell EMC OEM Solutions, the defense industry contractor successfully delivered a rugged PowerEdge-based design.

 Meeting Customers’ Expectations

The bottom line is that when your customers build solutions for extreme or non-traditional environments, the onus is on you to deliver. Working with us, you can create connected, secure, rugged solutions that can withstand extreme heat, dust plus the shock and vibration of factory floors, construction sites, mobile command centers and other challenging environments.

I believe that the new PowerEdge XR2 is the perfect building block for your rugged OEM solutions, and would love to hear your reactions and questions.

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About the Author: Tracy Troyer

Tracy leads a global organization of talented professionals whose experience spans decades developing and supporting the most innovative end-to-end technology solutions in the world. Partnering with the OEM Solutions global salesforce, this cross-functional team of engineers, program managers, marketing, operations, and procurement united with a singular focus of empowering our customers to be successful. Tracy joined Dell in 1996; prior to his current role, he held multiple senior-level product development positions in software, mobile computing and CRM/database systems. Tracy’s 30+ years of experience in the high-tech industry highlight his ability to successfully navigate the technical and business worlds in a way that drives strategy and exceptional customer value. His passion to excel at work is only surpassed by his dedication to his wife, children, grandchildren, and life-long friendships. Tracy is a proud alumnus of the University of Colorado.