Raising the Bar for Private Cloud Services

Private cloud domination is here and the reasons are clear – Improving IT infrastructure management and flexibility, lowering total cost of ownership for IT compute and storage, enabling disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity.  Dell Private Cloud Services have always focused on bringing these benefits within reach for IT administrators.  And now we are pleased to raise the bar once again with several exciting new service introductions – Dell Cloud Onsite Service, Dell Cloud Dedicated Service PCI Compliance and Business Continuity Solutions.

Dell Cloud Onsite Service comes at an important time in the cloud industry.  Many organizations have data sensitivities that prohibit using hosted solutions, but don’t have the time or money to invest in do-it-yourself cloud projects.  Now they don’t have to.  With Dell Cloud Onsite Service, IT departments enjoy the benefits of managed cloud services within their own data centers.  The heart of this new service is remote infrastructure management and full support from Dell, making IT administration easy.  And with reference architectures including Dell’s Active Systems and OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution, traditional mission-critical and new cloud-scale applications have a home.  

While cloud within the data center leads current implementations, 50% of enterprises have plans to or have already implemented hosted private cloud (Source: Customer Cloud Adoption: From Development to the Data Center, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell, September, 2013).  Dell Cloud Dedicated Service is a leader in this space, due in no small part to our commitment to serving highly regulated industries such as healthcare.  Dell continues this commitment with recognition as compliant with PCI DSS 2.0 Level 1 Service Provider by Stratum Security.  Any merchant, bank and institution that transmits, stores and processes credit cards must ensure that data is secure or face financial penalties.  With Dell Cloud Dedicated as a hosted private cloud partner, these organizations can operate with greater confidence and take advantage of the improved IT flexibility and lower total cost of ownership available through cloud.

Of course, none of this matters if the cloud solution isn’t reliable and highly available.  Dell Cloud Dedicated Service is built by IT professionals, for IT professionals.  That means business continuity features designed to address the needs of the enterprise.  Our new DR service option focuses on complex recoverability scenarios and runs automated and continuous verification testing to ensure recovery can take place as planned. With flexible and affordable to meet any size budget, business continuity plans can be rolled out efficiently across the organization.  File-level backup and restore is also simplified with a new Backup Solution. This service delivers fast, reliable protection for virtual machines, even when powered off.  Images are stored in-house on a different storage array than primary data for maximum protection, and customers can set retention cycles based upon standards they already have in place, ensuring corporate compliance.     

We are pleased to offer these private cloud service enhancements to our Enterprise IT customers, helping them achieve private cloud strategy success.  You can read more about Dell’s announcement here and stay with me during the rest of October as I go in-depth on each of the new service options.  And if you are ready to get started, please contact your Dell representative or visit Dell.com/dellcloudonsite and Dell.com/dellclouddedicated.

About the Author: Jeremy Greening