Ransomware Recovery and Cyber-Resilience: Lessons from the Front Lines

Malicious cyberattacks are commonplace within our constantly transforming IT world. It should be well known by now that even with an all-encompassing strategy complete with best-in-class breach detection and prevention and data security technology, the likelihood of a successful cyberattack is still possible. The urgent question IT Directors and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are now asking their teams is, “How cyber-resilient is my organization?”.

While a heavy portion of an IT team’s efforts are dedicated to instituting attack prevention technology, promoting good IT hygiene among and trying to stop bad things from happening, organizations should also plan for incident response and overall cyber-resilience.

When a successful attack happens, from a people and process perspective, is everybody on the team aware of their role? What do those roles entail? Does the current infrastructure enable the team and organization for successful incident response and recovery?

Another aspect to carefully consider is involving cross-functional members of the business in the planning and response, as the damage from cyberattacks are often far stretching and are just as much of a business problem as an IT problem. In fact, a custom research study conducted by ESG for RSA in June 2018 found that 69 percent of respondents agreed that the relationship between IT security and business risk can be difficult to coordinate.

In this video, hear more from Dell EMC’s Product Manager for Cyber Recovery Stefan Voss about the different approaches required to effectively respond to cyber-attack incidents:

Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Software

Recovering data from a cyberattack requires a different approach vs. typical disaster recovery. The goal of cyber incident response is to ultimately get the organization back to an optimal, steady state as quickly as possible. Ultimately, when blindly applying already existing Disaster Recovery or Operational Recovery procedures and plans, they will quickly show their low success rate in cyber-attack situations and scenarios.

Understanding this led us to announce the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery solution, an easy-to-deploy management and automation software, in October 2018.

We have applied strengths in our portfolio to address this specific requirement with a unique architecture that provides true data isolation and flexibility for our customers. Customers have responded very positively to this, with one saying he can sleep better at night knowing his data is safe.

See Cyber Recovery in Action at RSA Conference

Stop by the Dell Technologies booth #4535 at the RSA Conference next week to see a demo and speak with a data protection expert about how you can help your organization and business become truly cyber-resilient. Cyber Resilience and Incident Response planning will be a heavy discussion topic at the RSA Conference panel session “Ransomware Attack Protection and Recovery: Lessons from the Front Lines,” including our own Stefan Voss, senior director, product management, Dell EMC. You can reserve a seat via the link above and make sure it is part of your RSA Conference agenda.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco at RSA Conference 2019!

If you would like to learn more about Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software in the meantime, visit Dell EMC Cyber Recovery.

About the Author: Alex Almeida