Ratings & Reviews on Dell.com

We’re always looking for ways to incorporate customer feedback into our products. Figuring out how to make it easier for customers to provide that feedback tends to be a challenge. In numerous studies like this one, it’s clear that customers continue to use the web to research and recommend products and brands to other people.

One way we’re trying to make it easier for customers to share feedback is through our Product Ratings & Reviews functionality. We’ve launched this feature initially in the Electronics & Accessories areas in both the Home and Small Business pages. We want you to share your experiences with products you’ve ordered from Dell.com. If the printer you ordered gets the job done, let us know. If you were disappointed with your monitor, share that too, and let us know what you didn’t like about it. You can rate both Dell and non-Dell products. As we build up more reviews, our hope is that it will help all our customers make more informed buying decisions based on customer feedback.

When you click Write a Review, you rate the product overall from 1 to 5 and then also rate on a variety of unique category attributes. You are then asked whether or not you would recommend the product to a friend. From there, you can share Pros, Cons and Additional Thoughts in comment fields—all based on your experience with the product. Customers who read your review will also see your level of technical expertise. Finally, if you spot a reviewer who provides particularly helpful details, you can click on their name when browsing reviews to see every review they’ve written.

In the future, we’ll look to expand the Ratings & Reviews functionality to additional areas of the Dell website.

About the Author: Manish Mehta