Redefining Meetings in the New Decade

Welcome to the new decade! As with any new year, we all have the opportunity to redefine ourselves. Maybe you will become a yogi or a world traveler or a coder, the possibilities are endless. Just like you, here at Dell, we are working to redefine how our customers work and with Dell + Intel Unite® solution, we are proud to give them a solution that will redefine user-friendly meeting spaces.

With Dell + Intel Unite® software on OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, we are combining the flexibility of choice our customers love from the Ultra with the breadth of business plugins and UCC applications available on Intel Unite solution, to deliver an innovative work experience built for a new decade.

Meetings are an everyday part of our customer’s lives. From large enterprises to small learning spaces meetings to the healthcare industry, meetings are a must, but Forrester recently found that over 82 percent of IT decision-makers cite integration challenges with their meetings tools[1]. This can leave customers feeling frustrated, meetings delayed and productivity severely limited. With Intel Unite collaboration solution, we are bringing a better user interface and extended IT features to our customers. From allowing meetings to begin faster via PIN, a meeting link, ultrasonic meeting join, or badge scan access to the ability for attendees to switch presenters instantly, share high-quality images, audio and video, or feature up to 4 simultaneous presenters per monitor, all with real-time annotations, this solution works as hard as you do.

We are proud to introduce this breakthrough collaboration solution, with the new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra driving Intel Unite collaboration software. This allows users to experience an all new way to meet with a powerful and secure collaboration solution.

Available to customers now, Intel Unite® 4.0 offers several new features, including:

  • Native Touch and Touch Back: Users can control the Intel Unite® App from a touch display and access plugins from a meeting room display. They can also control Windows 10 devices from the front of the room.
  • Refreshed User Interface: Intel Unite® solution has updated its look and feel and is now touch-enabled. Users can:
    • Annotate on touchscreen for both hubs and clients
    • Utilize dynamic the room display option
    • Access plugins seamlessly on mobile devices
  • Extended IT features:
    • Optional, automatic over-the-air updates
    • Expanded telemetry to provide insight into collaboration space usage
    • Dynamic display for smarter rooms
  • Make IT Easier to ManageIf Intel® vPro™ platform is already part of the existing infrastructure, then Intel Unite® solution should be a breeze to integrate. Make greater use of current IT monitoring and control capabilities to help reduce costs and improve manageability.
  • Manage remotely – Use Intel Unite® solution’s admin portal, along with the full capabilities of Intel vPro platform, to manage conference room mini-PCs from any location: everything from basic upkeep and patching to remote repairs.
  • Keep meetings secure – To join the meeting, participants are required to enter a rotating PIN code. Outside guests can be granted access with as many (or few) network permissions as are chosen to be allowed.
  • Safeguard sensitive data – Using Intel Unite® solution, meetings are protected with the enterprise-grade TLS 1.2 data encryption. What happens in smarter meetings stays in smarter meetings.
  • Optimized for Dell Technologies Unified Workspace: IT admins can manage their OptiPlex devices seamlessly using Unified Workspace through a flexible, predictable usage model while leveraging the Dell Technologies portfolio. Unified Workspace allows the IT professional to deploy, manage, support and secure data and devices across operating systems, devices and cloud environments on a global scale.

At Dell Technologies, we have spent the past few decades innovating and changing and that will continue into this decade. But the one thing that will never change is our commitment to delivering the solutions our customers need to lead their respective industries.

Here’s to another 25 years of leading the industry with OptiPlex! Let us know what features you’re most excited about in comments below.

[1] Beating the Meeting Blues with Better Technology, Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A custom study commissioned by Intel, January, 2018

About the Author: Dave Lincoln

Dave Lincoln is Vice President of Compute Systems, including responsibility for the Dell PowerEdge server line of business supporting the enterprise, cloud, AI, HPC, edge, and telco segments. Compute platforms are one of the engines that help drive our clients’ growth and success. Dave joined Dell’s Infrastructure Group in March 2017 leading Server Sales Strategy and Business Operations before moving to Client Group in April 2018 to lead CPG Strategy. Shortly afterwards, he was selected to serve as the Vice President of Dell’s Fixed Computing Business Unit, comprised of the OptiPlex desktop and Wyse thin client businesses. Dave returned to the Infrastructure Group in February 2021 to lead Dell’s Networking and Emerging Server lines of business. Prior to Dell, Dave served in leadership roles across multiple technology companies including most recently at Lenovo where he led the Storage, Converged and Software Defined Business Units. Originally from Detroit, Dave graduated from Michigan State University with a Supply Chain degree and later received his MBA from Duke University. He and his family live in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area.