Regeneration Road Trip: Oracle OpenWorld

Last week, I had the opportunity to stop by a Green Room Session at Oracle Openworld with Tod Arbogast, Dell’s Director of Sustainable Business. Just before coming out to OpenWorld, we found out that we were a winner of Oracle’s prestigious "Empowering the Green Enterprise" award for progress against our goal of becoming the "greenest" technology company on the planet.  Dell’s achievements over the past year and a half been well documented on the pages of this blog, but a quick summary includes our energy-efficient products, our industry-leading recycling program, "Plant a Tree for Me" and "Plant a Forest for Me," and the recent news that we are the first in our industry to achieve carbon neutrality.

I caught up with Oracle CIO Mark Sunday after the Green room session and asked them a few questions for this post.

Rebecca Thorburn from Dell’s server and storage product team discusses our efforts and her thoughts on the future of green IT.

San Francisco has been a blast.  Huge letters placed on a mountainside overlooking the city anoint San Francisco "The City of Industry."  The industry I’ve seen here has ranged from concerned and engaged innovators applying the technology that made this city famous to average citizens helping to clean up our planet for a greener future.  New ways of living and thinking are being born here, and there is definitely a sense that something truly special is going on.  We still have plenty of videos to upload from our time here.  Grist’s Sarah van Schagen has been busy at work (that previous link will take you to her latest blog post updates) talking to the people of this city that have devoted countless hours to improving our planet and leading us to a future we can be proud to pass on to the generations that follow us.

Stay tuned.  While you’re at it, check out our Qik page for the streaming videos I’ve been sending throughout the trip. There all also recent updates over at and there will be more here as well. On to Nevada!

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