Research group safeguards scientific information, saves time and cuts costs with object storage platform

Utrecht University First came genomics, then proteomics – the mission to identify and understand all the proteins produced by the human genome. Every process in our bodies is controlled in some way by proteins. Knowing how they work means a lot for drug development, neurology, cancer treatment and more. At the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Group at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, around 60 people are using the latest technology to develop innovative research methods. Their experiments produce huge amounts of data – sometimes 100 gigabytes in a single day. In fact, the group reckons on producing 1,000 terabytes of data over the next five years.

Utrecht University lab image Not only is this information precious, so too is the researchers’ time and the equipment they’re using. When the group’s storage system started to stall, it needed a replacement that would keep data safe without bottlenecks and troublesome backup processes. After scanning the market for solutions and speaking to us about various options, the IT team settled on Dell’s DX Object

Storage Platform because it was simple, flexible and had integrated data protection. Now researchers download files twice as fast, while redundancy capabilities mean there’s little chance of downtime. And, with mirroring and automatic replication, their valuable contributions to this exciting field are always safe.

Some of the benefits experienced, are as follows:-

  • Researchers’ data is protected with automatic replication
  • Researchers download files twice as fast
  • Department’s custom-built applications can be easily integrated
  • IT team saves time with single, easy-to-manage storage solution
  • Research group ensures compliance with easier data management

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady