Riding the VxRail Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance to Enhance Patient Care

With the arrival of the Affordable Care Act and all the scrutiny healthcare has received, most medical providers have a simple objective: deliver the highest quality patient care at a competitive price.

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. has been at the forefront of this effort. Since 1999, Synapse® has provided innovation in diagnostic imaging, visualization, and medical informatics.

Providers can rely on Fujifilm’s Medical Informatics solutions to ensure the highest level of patient care when it comes to the archiving and displaying of medical images for radiologists and other clinicians. We serve a range of customers: small radiology practices and radiology reading groups, rural hospitals, urban hospitals, large hospital groups, and government-supported facilities such as the VA. And we recognize that radiology is about more than images. It includes the efficient management of imaging workflows and the timely sharing of information among the various providers caring for patients—processes that we’re very good at.

At Fujifilm, we have a singular focus: improving patient care. We do this by following industry best practices, deploying the latest technology, and allowing customers to use the most advanced tools. Our expertise is in medical IT—not the underlying IT infrastructure. Over the past five to ten years, we’ve seen a drive to virtualization. Modern, virtualized infrastructures are helping companies deploy solutions quicker and more reliably, with greater agility and the scalability to keep pace with growth. So when we were looking for a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance (HCIA) to deploy our software solutions at customer sites, we turned to VCE’s VxRail appliance— the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware HCIA on the market.Fuji VxRail

VxRail appliances enable us to quickly deploy solutions that are predictable, repeatable, and built to scale. When the appliance arrives in a customer’s data center, all we have to do is power it on, enter the requested information, and hit the green button. It does all the integration for us. And within 15 minutes, we can be up and deploying VMs— compared to hours if our engineers had to do it by hand.

In a healthcare environment, having systems go down—even for a few minutes— seriously impacts care. VxRail appliances offer the continuous availability to keep a hospital’s imaging systems up and running to meet patients’ needs.

Once a system is in place, most customers run their entire environment—from Oracle enterprise databases to Microsoft Windows-based applications—on the VxRail. The appliance handles both the relatively random, largely transactional workloads of the application servers and the non-random, high-throughout requirements of the image storage databases with equal ease.

Our selection of the VCE VxRail for our HCIA deployments is really an extension of the great strategic relationship we’ve had with EMC that goes back more than 15 years. The deep integration of the VxRail appliance with VMware, EMC Isilon and VNXe storage, and centralized management and orchestration through a single pane of glass has simplified and streamlined our efforts. Our engineers can focus on the medical IT side of the equation—not on dealing with infrastructure issues.

Finally, the VxRail’s broad set of configurations and price points is ideal for the customers we work with. In addition, given that our support organization is responsible for monitoring the health of customer systems and applying patches or implementing upgrades as needed, the VxRail’s ability to simplify these tasks is vital. It increases the overall velocity of our business and contributes to a healthy bottom line. And that’s ultimately what we are all looking for.

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About the Author: Esteban Rubens