RSA Archer + Innovation: A Match Made in Risk Management Heaven

True innovation is an elusive quality that companies strive to attain, but few master.  At RSA, innovation is hard-wired into our DNA. If you’ve ever been around an RSA office for any amount of time, you know precisely what I mean. It’s contagious.  We listen intently to our customers and turn out advances like those we’re showcasing at this week’s 2013 RSA Archer GRC Summit.

Check them out.

New RSA Archer Focused Solutions


The new RSA Archer Focused Solutions for PCI, ISMS, Unified Compliance Framework and Key & Certificate Management are a just a few of the fresh ideas that originate from RSA Archer customers. Focused Solutions are a new class of purpose-built offerings that are designed to provide industry-specific and targeted functionality to address specific business use-cases.  The Focused Solutions enhance and expand the functionality of Archer core solutions.  Companies can now select one or multiple Focused Solutions to meet a specific industry requirement or jump start their GRC practice.

Updated Risk and Vendor Solutions

RSA is also announcing the latest updates to the RSA Archer Risk Management and Vendor Management Solutions this week.  The Risk Management offering is engineered to augment existing quantitative risk assessment capabilities with new Monte Carlo simulation, helping to enable customers to better estimate risk and make better business decisions. Organizations can export risk register and loss events into external Monte Carlo models and return the model output to the RSA Archer solution for harmonization with their other assessment approaches. Customer-requested enhancements have been made to address regulatory needs around third party due diligence and service level agreements with new enhancements for vendor on-boarding, new assessments across seven risk categories, capabilities to document vendor certificates of insurance, and support for complex, multi-level vendor and contract hierarchies.

Enhancements to RSA Archer Community & Exchange

The RSA Archer Community is a powerful online social network that encourages collaboration among the 10,000+ Archer members, partners and GRC subject-matter experts. Members actively discuss GRC trends, share innovative GRC technology ideas and vote for product enhancements to guide the RSA Archer product roadmap.

Comm and Exchange Stats

The RSA Archer Exchange is a vibrant online marketplace where customers can learn about the more than 95 different GRC use-cases available for download.  Customers, partners, GRC and RSA subject-matter-experts share the latest content, GRC integrations and application use-cases on the Archer Exchange.

Recent enhancements to search, personalization, simplified content structure and improved performance and stability, will help ensure Community and Exchange users have the best possible environment to learn, collaborate and share ideas on GRC related topics.

Bottom Line: Customers Hold the Key The greatest asset RSA has is its people and its customers. The tremendous wealth of ideas, viewpoints, backgrounds, industries and technologies that our community brings to together is unique to RSA and is an invaluable resource that drives our innovation process.

About the Author: Chris Dodge