RSS Feeds Corrected, Other Fixes to the Community Site

Yesterday, Sean McDonald published a quick update on some things that we’re doing to fix the site based on your feedback. As we make more progress, we’ll keep publishing updates in the Community Site Update section of the Dell Community Home Page.


Lots of members on the team have been working to address the issues, including folks like me. Thanks to all of our community members who continue to provide feedback on a regular basis.

And while I'm on the topic… a little while back, blogged about RSS feeds not working properly. We've fixed them on the Dell Blog Network. Each of the Dell blogs now offer RSS feeds at the homepage level, at the category level and the blog comment level. 

We also added an RSS feed for the blog aggregator page.  That's the easiest way to keep tabs on all blog content coming from Dell.

Here's a list of RSS feeds for the core Dell blogs:


Cloud Computing

Dell Channel Blog

Dell Student Union

Dell Shares


Ideas in Action

Inside IT

Simplify & Save

Small Business


Virtualization Frontier

Stay tuned for more, and we appreciate your patience.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca