Running Modern Workloads with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Innovate and grow with the newest VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

The challenges of a modern cloud infrastructure

How are organizations able to sustain innovation while simultaneously being able to rapidly scale workloads without costly upfront data center investments? These challenges along with retaining control of data, securing it, and reducing data latency have caused many organizations to maintain or repatriate workloads back to on-premises data centers. Is there a cloud solution for customers with the speed and flexibility of public cloud but the performance, security, and control of on-premises infrastructure? Yes, introduced over two years ago, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC was designed to help customers by delivering cloud-like ease of use to their on-premises workloads and provide consistent operations between on-premises and public cloud environments.

Building greater customer value

The latest VMware Cloud on Dell EMC release is focused on delivering greater power and control to organizations who need a new way to manage their workloads and applications. The February 2021 release will benefit customers in the following ways:

Increased Capacity for Diverse Workloads – A new extra-large node type expands the service’s instance portfolio, which delivers greater workload capacity and increases flexibility for customers who need to adjust workloads quickly to meet their evolving needs.

Flexible Monthly Billing – VMware Cloud on Dell EMC now supports flexible monthly billing options, giving organizations greater flexibility to pay by invoice or credit card. This frees up cash to invest in other critical areas of the business.

Faster Software Deployments – A new NetGate firewall solution gives customers greater agility and reliability when deploying software.

EMEA Expansion – Customers across Germany, France, and the United Kingdom now have access to this managed on-premises Infrastructure as-a-Service solution.

Expanded Compliance Support – Certified support of SOC 2 Type 2 has been added with this release, broadening the existing set of regional and industry compliance certifications offered by this service.

Each of these enhancements are designed to improve the customer experience and solve the challenges of modern IT infrastructure running complex workloads. Given all these updates I’ll share with you some examples where organizations can use VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

Where does VMware Cloud on Dell EMC shine?

Running Advanced VDI Workloads – VMware Cloud on Dell EMC empowers organizations to scale workloads based on the needs of their remote workforce without the upfront costs typically required to build out additional capacity. It does this by providing a high-performance, scalable, VDI optimized hosting environment that includes VMware SDDC software all for a monthly subscription.

Modernize the Data Center – VMware Cloud on Dell EMC lets IT staff focus on innovation, rather using their time and resources to manage infrastructure. It offers a VMware consistent environment, which means no refactoring of applications or infrastructure is required and the same VMware tools and skill are used to manage workloads. With this solution, The IT folks remain focused on supporting business growth and new applications while VMware manages the service and provide the most up to date infrastructure technology.

Reduce Data Latency and Retain Data Sovereignty – VMware Cloud on Dell EMC deploys high performance infrastructure on-premises running on Dell EMC’s VxRail and VMware’s SDDC software. Being on-premises decreases application latency for end-users compared to running applications in the public cloud. Additionally, sovereignty concerns are alleviated by maintaining data on premises and supported by enhanced compliance and certifications with (GDPR, SOC1/2, ISO 27k and CCPA) ensuring your organization meets regulatory requirements. 

Application Modernization – VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is built to handle the expanding number of modern applications, dynamically providing the resources these applications require. An expanding portfolio of instance types and sizes ensure that this service can support the variability of resource demands that new applications require. Additionally, extensive Kubernetes support ensure that these new applications can be managed effectively and efficiently.

If your organization is looking to gain greater control of your workloads and applications, while running on the modern cloud infrastructure, all with predictable OpEx spending and vendor management, then VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is the right fit. Please visit our website for more information.

About the Author: Cody Queen

Technologies Cloud Team. Cody is responsible for driving increased share of voice and share of market for Dell Technologies Cloud solutions. His focus is to generate the greatest value for both customers and Dell Technologies by leveraging accurate information and valuable insights for customers who are considering cloud and IT infrastructure requirements. Previously, Cody worked with the Dell Technologies Public Sector Marketing team supporting federal, state, local government and education customers. He also supported Dell’s brand and creative agency. Prior to joining Dell Technologies, Cody worked as an account executive for five years with AT&T in the New York metro area, where he focused on the small & medium business sales, supporting a suite of technology products and applications designed to generate the highest return on investment for clients. Cody volunteers with Habitat for humanity and works with veteran communities to provide support and job placement. He holds an MBA from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, MS from Albany Law School, and BA from the University at Albany, State University of New York.