SAN Optimization for the Modern Data Center

Enterprise data center managers are constantly trying to keep up with tremendous growth in their data storage requirements, while complying with stringent requirements for application availability. In addition, these organizations face increasing pressure to maximize application density while avoiding problems that could lead to business interruption.

To make matters worse, problems such as host latency, network congestion, bottlenecks, and instability are oftentimes intermittent and difficult to diagnose, making it even more challenging to maintain an optimized and robust Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. Companies commonly look to install 3rd party solutions to monitor their SAN infrastructure. These bolt-on solutions can be expensive, invasive, and highly risky to deploy. SAN 1.PNG.png

Companies are increasingly stressing their networks so they can push more workload to handle all- flash arrays, large scale server virtualization projects, and high performance workloads such as OLTP, data warehousing, and streaming media. This creates a heightened urgency for advanced tools that provide proactive management of these complex SAN environments.

Modern data centers are looking for solutions to automate monitoring and alerting when challenges arise from high performance workloads. In response to this growing demand, service providers like EMC are rolling out modernized service offerings specifically designed to help maintain highly optimized, high performance SAN environments. The new EMC® SAN Optimization for Connectrix B-Series service assists in automating the proactive management of complex SAN environments via advanced EMC Connectrix Fabric Vision features that help IT administrators avoid problems while maximizing application performance and availability.

Automate Notification and Alerting

All enterprise B-series fiber channel SAN environments can benefit from this personalized, predictive and proactive service. It is designed to automate proactive notification and alerting, enabling SAN administrators to identify and address issues due to network congestion, bottlenecks, and instability, before they can occur and impact the business Issues arising in complex SAN environments can be intermittent and difficult to diagnose, which can drive long issue-to-resolution times, decreased network performance, and impacted application availability.  SAN Optimization is essential for SAN administrators who want to deliver optimum network performance to their end users.

Fabric Vision: The Premiere SAN Optimization Toolbox

EMC’s SAN Optimization service leverages advanced management and reporting features available though Fabric Vision, which includes . EMC SAN Health Analysis, MAPS, Flow Vision, and Dashboards. It also provides multiple tuning sessions over the course of 4 weeks to help you customize MAPS to ensure that any alerts received are meaningful and relevant, allowing you take timely corrective action. SAN 2.PNG.pngExperience has shown that most customers need a review of their SAN environment to ensure alignment with business and technical objectives. EMC San Optimization will help maximize up-time, simplify and automate SAN management, and most importantly, provide maximum visibility into the network.

To learn more about how a SAN Optimization service can help you learn your SAN environment, please post your comments and questions below and we’ll contact you with more information.

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