Sasser Companies build toward the future with Dell solutions

When a six-point buck deer charged through the big front window of the Village Grill, a popular dining spot in Burlington, North Carolina, the Tuesday night crowd heard the glass shatter and ducked for cover. The establishment was full, but fortunately no one got hurt. Scared and disoriented, the animal ran wildly between tables before customers subdued it. To fix the damage, Sasser Companies was called.

Most often, it’s damage from flood, fire or storms that our 100-plus associates of the Sasser Companies are called to restore. That’s in addition to other construction and disaster mitigation services we provide. We operate out of 10 locations, including a 55,000-square-foot headquarters and warehouse in Whitsett, North Carolina. Our roots in commercial and residential building go back 25 years, and we look ahead to even greater growth and profitability by continuing to be the very best at what we do.

The keys to our future are communication, collaboration and productivity across all our departments and field service teams. Of course, IT can help that in a big way. While we used to outsource IT, it started to cost too much and wasn’t strategic in design or how it was done. But when we brought IT in-house, we found ourselves saddled with an outdated network that was holding us back.

We turned to Dell. Although other vendors held promise as suppliers, Dell really sat down with us to learn our business more than anyone else. This approach gave us a much bigger measure of confidence that we could count on Dell to help us replace our old network and be there for us in the future.

At the heart of our new IT setup is the Dell Networking X1052P smart managed switch with 52 total ports — 48 GbE ports and four 10GB SFP+ ports with data rates up to 10 Gbps. With this we get switching fabric with bandwidth of up to 176 Gbps. This gives us plenty of bandwidth for today’s demands and our company’s future.

For example, we now use it to provide remote desktops across our 10 locations for about half our employees, many moving large CAD files back and forth all day long. It also supports three WiFi access points, video from 15 cameras, and 10 VoIP phone lines. Reliability is really important to everyone’s productivity and how well they can communicate and work together.

My team and I really like the easy-to-use GUI that’s in contrast to the command-line interface of the networking gear we had before. When we got the Dell switch, we just plugged it in, keyed in the IP address and it was ready to go. Bringing it up couldn’t have been easier. Management is easy, too, as the GUI provides a real-time picture of all our switching operations. If a cable gets unplugged, I get an email alert right away.

So far, one of the biggest benefits is that our support calls, especially from remote desktop users, have dropped by 75 percent. On a personal note, I don’t spend so much time troubleshooting problems, so I can get home earlier and don’t have to work weekends.

Learn more about the Dell Networking X1052P smart managed switch.

About the Author: Erick Smith