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Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Dell introduced new PowerEdge C servers that support AMD’s latest Opteron processors like the 4200 and 6200 families. Below is a guest post from AMD’s Paul Struhsaker, AMD’s Corporate Vice President and Commercial Business GM.


On Monday, we celebrated the launch of the highly-anticipated AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 Series processors, formerly code-named "Interlagos" and "Valencia," respectively. Dell has a number of servers rolling out this week featuring the new AMD Opteron processor family based on our "Bulldozer" core architecture. Probably the one I'm most excited about from an AMD standpoint is the Dell PowerEdge R815 server.

The R815 was one of the most frequently reviewed servers by top IT reviewers over the past year and to say it was well-received by that audience would be an understatement. 

For those not familiar with the R815, it is a 2U, 4-socket server that originally shipped with the 12-core AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors. Now this server will go from a 48-core workhorse to 64-core virtualization beast. One reviewer even said, "this box is screaming for a virtualization workload."  Seeing statements like that one definitely get IT guys to stand up and take notice.  

In addition to the R815, Dell is aggressively updating its roster of PowerEdge servers, such as the R715 2P/2U server and M915 4P blade, with our new AMD Opteron processor this week. Dell is putting it in form factors meant to service the workloads we designed the "Bulldozer" architecture for – virtualization, Web, database and HPC.

Dell gets that ample processing muscle is the bare minimum. Dell recognizes that efficiency – space, energy and cost are the new game changers for IT and Cloud decision-makers and their latest offerings reflect this.

So if you are someone who cares about efficiency, performance, scalability and economic benefits that are balanced perfectly for competitiveness and ROI – or more simply, anything that matters to your business – then you will be excited to see that Dell and AMD have worked together to deliver a better option for the hyper-efficient, virtualized and cloud-ready world. 


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