See What’s New with DDOS 7.10

Learn more about what's new in Dell's DDOS 7.10 release for PowerProtect DD series appliances.

The wait is over! DDOS 7.10, the next version of DDOS for PowerProtect DD series appliances, is now available and includes an array of updates. DDOS 7.10 brings enhancements to Smart Scale for PowerProtect Appliances, PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE), CloudIQ and security.

DDOS 7.10 was part of Dell’s Q4 Data Protection launch at the end of November. As part of this announcement, we also updated the Global Data Protection Index (GDPI). The GDPI Snapshot is a survey of 1,000 IT decision makers from organizations around the world. The survey provides insights into the data-protection confidence participants expressed in their hybrid, multicloud and edge infrastructure. You can learn more about the 2022 GDPI findings here.

Smart Scale for PowerProtect Appliances

Exponential growth in data isn’t slowing down. Organizations not only have to store this data, but they also have to protect it, which poses a host of challenges. Increased risks from cyberattacks, such as ransomware, ongoing budget pressure, more workloads and the need to meet ever increasing service levels with fewer IT resources, further complicate data protection.

Smart Scale is the latest innovation for PowerProtect appliances, which enables pooling of multiple DD series appliances, providing up to 48PB of usable capacity and >3EB of logical capacity with typical deduplication rates configured under a single namespace. You will be able to optimize protection storage with non-disruptive data mobility to guide placement of workloads, perform migrations with automatic client redirection and gain valuable capacity insights and recommendations across the environment to project capacity utilization.

With DDOS 7.10, Smart Scale now offers numerous updates, including support for DD6400, generally available mobility capability, support for Retention Lock Governance, Retention Lock Compliance and MREPL from the mobile storage units (MSUs), and updated “capacity ->MTREE” screens with new MTREE analytics for freeable capacity and affinity groups.

PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE)

DDVE is our software-defined version of DD series appliances that organizations can deploy on-premises or in the cloud. In our last release, DDOS 7.9, we announced support for Alibaba Cloud with DDVE in up to 96TB instances. With DDOS 7.10, we have expanded our instance sizes up to 256TB, which is on par with our support for the other major hyperscalers like AWS, Azure and GCP.


CloudIQ is Dell Technologies strategic cloud-based AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) application for monitoring and resolving everyday operational issues for Dell storage, server, data protection, networking, HCI and CI products. DD series appliances are currently supported by CloudIQ and now have added support for DD6400, system update notifications for DDOS versions and capacity projections for consumption.


Security is always top of mind for both Dell Technologies and our customers. With DDOS 7.10, you can now use 2FA for DD System Manager and CLI with RSA SecurID.

DDOS 7.10 in Action

Take advantage of the latest features DDOS has to offer for Smart Scale, DDVE, CloudIQ and Security by updating to DDOS 7.10 for DD series appliances. If you have any questions about what’s new with data protection, please reach out to your account rep and rewatch the Q4 data protection on-demand recording.

About the Author: David Tye

David is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area with a passion for technology. Upon graduating from a local university, David was hired on to the Dell Technologies Marketing team full-time. Over the past few years, David’s focus has been on a variety of data protection products and services. Outside of work, David enjoys spending time in the outdoors and watching sports.