Seeing is believing: Watch Dell Big Data Solutions in action live at Dell World

Did you know that Dell Solutions Center (DSC) and Quest teams are running a cool real-time big data demonstration with your help? Dell World show badges have RFID tags that are collecting information about participant movement on the event floor during the week.  Sensors are sending this information to a Dell server that is using Dell Boomi and Quest software to analyze all of this information, and creating a big data visualization on the Dell Big Data Wall. Come and visit Dell Solution Center Big Data Wall to see this solution in action, and test drive the interactive visualization that you are helping to create.

The RFID project at Dell world is a real life example of how DSC provides value-added Big Data solutions and services.  Because of increasing interest in Dell Big Data solutions, team members from DSC and Quest collaborated with Alliance Tech, the Dell World events organizer, to put together an ongoing, live demonstration of how Dell solutions can provide information and metrics on big data sets collected from corporate events. Less than 2 months after acquiring Quest Software, the team seized the opportunity to combine the portfolio of business analytics solutions, Kitenga Analytics Suite and Toad Business Intelligence Suite from Quest with Dell’s Quick Start Data Warehouse Appliance.  In a matter of days, the team rolled out a complete hardware and software solution that allows Dell to track the traffic and interest of their attendees while participating at Dell world.

The Dell team was able to build this near real-time demo using our own Dell software technology and infrastructure each step of the way, in less than 1 day.  The model is built on the Dell Quick Start Data Warehouse Appliance. Dell Boomi technology retrieves the sensor data. The Kitenga Analytics Suite creates the big data analytic visualizations, and shares the analytics with Toad Business Intelligence Suite to convert information into knowledge.  Once this big data is captured, the value of the data can be realized.  Most popular booth, traffic flow (congestion), most captivating content, and regional interest are just a few metrics that are being visualized using Kitenga Analytics.

Benefits from the big data analytics project will continue to be reaped throughout the year.  The RFID information will enable Dell to host better shows.  Learning from seeing the actual traffic patterns on the show floor and the content areas will allow Dell to take steps to optimize future customer learning activities.

Since May of 2012, DSC has hosted 131 big data/cloud implementations as customers explore how Big Data can provide valuable business information. Dell Solution Centers are a network of technical centers located in key sites around the globe. Experience Dell solutions and access our technology in a dedicated, hands-on environment equipped with state-of-the-art labs and teams of solution experts.

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