Self-Healing PCs: The Future of Tech Support

Discover how AI-driven self-healing automation is revolutionizing PC support, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

In an interview at Dell Technologies World 2024, Jefferson Raley, VP of Commercial Client Services Portfolio at Dell Technologies, unveiled a groundbreaking shift in PC support: self-healing automation. This innovative approach leverages artificial intelligence to diagnose and resolve issues without human intervention, signaling a significant departure from traditional tech support methods. Raley explains that the new system runs scripts across a fleet of computers, using telemetry to identify issues ranging from hardware to software layers. With nearly half of customer problems being non-hardware related, this AI-powered solution can remotely fix issues, drastically reducing the need for part dispatches and on-site repairs. This advancement not only streamlines the support process but also promises to significantly cut down on downtime, allowing users to return to productivity swiftly.

Dive into the full interview to explore how Dell Technologies is leading the charge in integrating AI with PC support, setting a new standard for the industry.

Laura Trammell

About the Author: Laura Trammell

Laura is the Services Product Manager focused on modernizing the ProSupport Suite for PCs offer. In her 20 years at Dell, she’s held a variety of Services and IT roles, the majority of which focused on support for Dell customers. Laura is passionate about technology that makes life easier and excited about including new technology capabilities into the ProSupport Suite for PCs. She holds BA and BS degrees from University of Texas and an MBA from Texas State University.