Server Virtualization: It’s a Priority!

If you’re looking for ways to simplify and save in the data center – or even “server closet,” one of the most important strategies available to you is server virtualization.

When you migrate several applications running on several different servers onto a single server, you save. For starters, you see a substantial reduction in energy costs because you’re powering fewer servers. Equally important, you’re also cooling fewer servers. And you have fewer servers to physically maintain, which means fewer maintenance hours for the technicians who maintain them.

This all adds up to OpEx savings that can be as high as 25 percent. And when a new replacement cycle comes up, you won’t need to purchase as many servers. This will let you actually lower your CapEx budget. As times get better, you’ll have more funds available to allocate to other projects. Regardless of the economic situation, virtualization is a smart strategy for any business with five servers or more.

The savings benefits of server virtualization are indisputable. But does virtualization really simplify your operations?

A few years ago, the answer might have been in doubt. But with today’s mature virtualization technology, the answer is definitely yes. To give just one example, virtualization streamlines application development and platform certification, because with virtualization there’s a single, common virtual interface, and there’s no need to deal with multiple hardware implementations or generations.

At Dell, we provide all the resources you need to make virtualization a cost-saving reality for your business, from workshops and assessments to design, implementation and support. If you’re interested in learning more, a good place to start is our white paper, Server Virtualization in the Scalable Enterprise. For details about the services we offer, check out our Virtualization Services brochure, which has links to even more resources. You can also visit these previous posts.

About the Author: Chris Ratcliffe