Serving Up A Data Center Winner for OEMs

The server-centric data center

We often hear about the macro trends impacting the industry like security, internet of things (IoT), analytics, and the cloud. However, there is another emerging trend that we don’t hear as much about, namely the rise of the server-centric, software-defined data center.

Over the last fifteen years, we’ve seen huge changes with information technology (IT) platforms evolving from interdependent hardware and software through to early virtualization and now hardware-agnostic software. In parallel with these technology advances, the IT department has moved from an operational support function to a center of influence, helping to advise and guide innovation and technology consumption across the organization.

An open common framework for maximum flexibility and return

Fast forward to today and with the launch of our brand new 14th generation Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, we are poised to enter the new frontier of the software-defined data center. This latest PowerEdge portfolio is Dell EMC’s response to data center customer demands across all verticals for secure, scalable, high performance solutions with maximum flexibility, efficiency, and automation.

Increased performance and more users per server

So, what’s creating this demand? Many of the macro trends in the industry including IoT, big data, and analytics, are driving an ever-increasing need for system performance. Our 14th generation PowerEdge servers offer increased application performance and response time with up to 27 percent more processor cores and 19X more Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) low latency storage than the prior generation, while one-click BIOS tuning enables quick-and-easy deployment of many processing-intensive workloads. With enhancements to storage capacity and flexibility, storage configurations can be further tailored to match application needs, which is especially critical in software-defined-storage (SDS) environments.

Automatic multi-vector cooling enables more GPU accelerators in a single configuration, allowing for up to 50 percent more VDI users per server. Multi-vector cooling technology not only enables increased efficiency with standard accelerator offerings but also works to efficiently enable any non-standard or custom accelerator options.

Industry-first security features

Twenty-eight percent of CIOs say that they have dealt with a major cyber security threat in the last two years.[i] In response, we continue to drive enhanced protection against malicious threats and unwanted internal changes.

An industry-first, System Lockdown prevents configuration changes that might create security vulnerabilities and expose sensitive data. We’ve also incorporated features such as SecureBoot, BIOS recovery capabilities, signed firmware and iDRAC RESTful API (compliant with Redfish standards). To meet privacy concerns, System Erase quickly and securely removes user data from local storage devices when a server is retired.

Enhanced systems management tools plus easier server configuration and monitoring

In a recent blog, we talked about how you can save money and speed up deployment with the special systems management tools available for OEMs. Important postscripts to add are that the enhanced iDRAC 9 with the new PowerEdge servers now provides up to four times better systems management performance over the prior generation, increasing the responsiveness when leveraging our agentless systems management in an OEM solution.

The easy-to-use, next-generation OpenManage Enterprise™ console has also been engineered to unify system management experience. OEMs will also welcome the fact that server configuration, monitoring, and at-the-box troubleshooting is now possible via a handheld smart device with the optional Quick Sync feature, as opposed to the traditional LCD method.

OEM-Ready and OEM XL

As OEM is part of our DNA, it goes without saying that our 14th generation PowerEdge servers continue to be offered as OEM Ready, providing you all the flexibility you need — add your own branding or opt for generic packaging, unbranded chassis and de-branded BIOS splash screens, iDRAC and LifeCycle controller menus. The choice is yours.

OEM XL offerings also remain in place. Long, stable product life-cycles factor in the time you need for development, validation and certification without unnecessary technology churn. With these latest generation PowerEdge OEM XL servers, you have advanced visibility to product changes, and even more flexibility to make generational transitions on your schedule.

Diverse Use Cases

The new PowerEdge is well suited to serve as the core building block for a variety of OEM solutions including everything from industrial automation to video surveillance, hyper-converged appliances, storage arrays, data protection, and many more. Based on open common platforms, it delivers maximum flexibility and return on investment, allowing you and your customers to focus on innovation while balancing operational priorities.


From a deployment perspective, the award-winning ProDeploy Enterprise Suite will help you accelerate technology adoption at customer sites with up to 91 percent less IT effort[ii]. Our ProSupport Enterprise Suite, services include ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist, our automated, proactive and predictive technology that can resolve issues up to 90 percent faster[iii].

Huge opportunity to better serve customers

I believe that OEMs now have the right platform to accelerate digital adoption and optimization. Our 14th generation PowerEdge is the ultimate framework to serve as the bedrock of your modern appliance.

The reality is that current legacy data center technologies simply aren’t agile, flexible or efficient enough to meet today’s needs. In fact, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) 2017 IT Transformation Maturity Curve study, commissioned by Dell EMC, showed that only five percent of survey respondents are currently prepared to meet the IT requirements of digitally transformed businesses with modern platforms. Other research indicates that only one in three businesses have developed an enterprise-wide digital strategy [iv] and that 75 percent of IoT projects will also require a new digital platform.[v]

The x86 server is rapidly becoming the foundational building component of the modern data center, displacing much of the specialized hardware present there today. This represents a huge opportunity for all of us to better serve our customers. I’d love to hear your reactions and questions

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About the Author: Jared Wilson

Jared Wilson is an Enterprise Product Manager within Dell EMC’s OEM Solutions business. In this role, Jared is responsible for driving an in depth understanding of OEM customer solutions and ensuring Dell’s server product strategies align with OEM customer needs. Jared has been with Dell EMC’s Enterprise Organization for 14 years including roles in product development, project/program management, and product management.