Sharing UK experiences on B2B social media

Note from Lionel: Below is a guest post from Neville Hobson. He and Shel Holtz continue to be a big influence on me as a blogger and communicator. If you're interested in social media and its impact on communications not already familiar with their podcast For Immediate Release, I urge you to check it out. I'm pumped that Neville will be taking part in an event at Dell UK headquarters with a host of other folks. Here's the scoop from Neville:

If you want some insight into who's doing what in business-to-business engagement with social media in the UK, the Dell B2B Social Media Huddle on December 7 is an event that you'll not want to miss.

During a full day at Dell's UK headquarters in Bracknell, we'll be hearing about and discussing insights and examples of B2B communication with social media from a wide range of business people who have direct experience of planning and executing communication strategies in which social media have played a measurable role.

The aim of this informal event is to bring together senior communications and marketing professionals to exchange and share experiences on B2B social media for mutual benefit.

The event is divided into three principal sections:

  1. A general overview of the B2B social media landscape
  2. Case study mash-up / unconference
  3. Roundtable sessions on:
    – Integrating social media into your programmes in the right way
    – Social media and monetization techniques

The second section – case study mashup/unconference – has great promise to be the most interactive experience for everyone. There's no set agenda: if you have a business story you'd like to tell, you can do that on the day.

We've got a terrific line-up of speakers to help everyone make the most of the day:

You can get the details, including the agenda, in the event PDF at Slideshare. The brochure will be updated as more speakers join us.

The event is free of charge: if you'd like to participate, just sign up.

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