Show Us the Meaning of Green on Facebook

A couple of days ago on,  we called on Facebook Graffiti artists to illustrate their thoughts on the meaning of ‘green.'  We'll be accepting entries through January 22, at which time Facebook users from across the world will vote on their favorite entries (the entries with the most votes will go to a panel of judges who pick the winners).  The winner of the ‘Best Overall' category will receive a Dell 22" ultrasharp widescreen flat panel monitor.

Select entries will also will be featured in an upcoming online promotional campaign that will share the communities views on what ‘green' means to them.

Other categories include:

  • Most creative
  • Best landscape
  • Best use of animal life
  • Best use of plant life
  • Most inspiring

In the early morning today, the Facebook graffiti contest had received more than 2,500 drawings, more than double what had at the same time yesterday. More than 500 Facebook users have signed up as fans of the contest and 187 people have joined our ReGeneration group.  The level of participation in the contest has been awesome, and we thank everyone for their involvement. 

Here are a few examples from the many fantastic entries we've received so far… thanks to everyone who's joining in!

Note from Lionel, 1/19—Todd added hyplerlinks to these images below so that if you click on them it will take you directly to the drawing (if you already have a Facebook account… if not, you can create one for free). From there, you can click on the green replay button that looks like this:

It will then show you an animation of how the drawing was done. And by the way, I just looked in the gallery, and there are over 3,200 drawings submitted by Saturday. Keep 'em coming! 

  Lauryn (United States)

Benjamin (Canada)

About the Author: Todd D