Simplicity and Choice? EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions Deliver Both

Today, we’re redefining hybrid cloud. Why? Because the speed at which organizations do business is accelerating – the IT megatrends of cloud, mobile, social and big data represent a massive opportunity for companies to deliver better products, better services, and better outcomes for their customers – but to be successful every fast-moving business needs an even faster-moving IT organization. Why? Because IT is vital for almost every project’s success within an organization. IT has been helping organizations drive growth, derive more value, provide agility and reduce cost. Yet while most organizations are good at executing well-structured long-term projects where resource requirements are known, they’re usually challenged when it comes to fast-paced short-term projects with unpredictable requirements.



A challenged IT department usually leads to delays – delays that the business cannot accept for fear of falling behind the competition. So do they wait? No, of course not. They’ll go outside of enterprise IT when it’s unable to rapidly deliver what is needed, which means IT loses visibility and control. What if this was no longer an issue for IT? What if IT had the power and agility to support all types of workloads and move them between environments as needed?

Today, we announce our EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution Federation Software-Defined Data Center Edition with VMware. The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution dramatically simplifies deployment of hybrid cloud because it is a fully engineered solution – delivering support for the wide variety of workloads enterprise IT is now expected to support. Uniquely, the solution also offers an unparalleled spectrum of choice – choice in cloud OS – VMware, Microsoft, OpenStack – choice in public clouds that a company’s on-premises data center can interoperate with, such as public cloud services provided by VMware vCloud Air and Amazon Web Services; even choice in the underlying infrastructure making up the solution.


What kind of experience can customers expect with the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution?

For a CIO, the solution provides better control over the environment but, most importantly, it shifts the focus of IT towards innovation instead of maintenance.

“Over the years, EMC has helped us innovate in a number of ways from virtualizing 97 percent of our campus on a private cloud, to development of a hybrid cloud to deliver customized student orientation services,” said Link Alander, associate vice chancellor of technology services at Lone Star College System. “EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution fits perfectly into the way we want to provide IT to our 90,000 students in Texas.”

IT administrators can focus on building and automating new services, not on responding to endless IT tickets. These automated services are delivered through a self-service portal where users can access both private and public resources, all with a few clicks of their mouse.  So, developers no longer need to concern themselves with the underlying infrastructure upon which they develop – they can simply focus on developing that next killer app and deliver it for users to consume on any device. The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution delivers simplicity, choice and agility at every level.

“We worked with EMC on a hybrid cloud environment that has helped our business to grow and adapt to our user’s needs,” said Rich Hintz, Vice President of Information Technology at Daktronics. “And we developed a private cloud infrastructure that is supported by EMC and VMware that has taken us from a very physical environment to now being over 95 percent virtualized running about 500 virtual machines on 50 different hosts. So when EMC says it knows how to innovate with the cloud, you know it’s for real.”

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About the Author: Peter Cutts

Peter Cutts is the Senior Vice President of Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Platforms within the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division. He has global responsibility for the strategy and execution of our Hybrid Cloud Platforms portfolio, which enables business and IT transformation and accelerates time to value for our customers and partners. Leveraging the power of Dell EMC converged and hyper-converged engineered systems, the Hybrid Cloud Platforms organization focuses on delivering the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Native Hybrid Cloud, Analytic Insights Module, and the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack.