Simplified Data Protection – the New PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance

Modern and secure multicloud data protection made easy.

Today, Dell introduced the new PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance to help you simplify data protection, enhance cybersecurity and get more IT self-service capabilities so you can speed up your digital modernization efforts.

65 percent of respondents to the 2022 Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) snapshot research indicated that increased data protection operational management time and complexity is a challenge facing their organization.

The Data Manager Appliance radically simplifies IT operational management by delivering a more automated way to protect and secure traditional and modern workloads across multicloud environments. Quick and easy to deploy, in under 30 minutes¹, the Data Manager Appliance leverages Dell’s PowerProtect Data Manager modern data protection software, and highly efficient protection storage, that integrates with the public cloud to support a broad range of use cases such as backup to the cloud, DR to the cloud, long term retention in the cloud and cyber recovery to the cloud. This gives organizations the flexibility to maintain an optimal balance of on-premises backup storage with deep archival storage in the public cloud, to enhance backup and DR service levels, lower costs and gain added recoverability capabilities from cyberthreats like ransomware and malware.

A portion of the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance user interface.

                          A portion of the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance user interface.

In addition to simplifying modern data protection, the Data Manager Appliance makes it easier for IT admins to support the needs of application developers. The appliance natively protects and secures Kubernetes containers across multiple platforms – VMware Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift and SUSE Rancher. And when used in conjunction with PowerProtect Data Manager and PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition in the cloud, organizations can automatically protect all the public cloud Kubernetes services (Amazon EKS, Azure AKS and Google GKE) as well.

What’s more, through open APIs, developers have the self-service freedom to assign protection policies to their workloads, enabling them to treat data protection infrastructure as code and speed up their development efforts. Likewise, IT may grant certain data protection privileges to other users, via the UI, to further unburden them from repetitive data protection tasks.

To further simplify, streamline and automate data protection administration, the Data Manager Appliance auto-detects and auto-protects new VMs and Kubernetes containers as they are introduced into the environment, to ensure no workload gets left behind. And IT always stays in the know through robust reporting that quickly alerts admins to changes in the environment as they happen in real-time. Simply put, the ease of use of the appliance makes it easier for admins to manage data protection tasks so other IT folks can focus on modernization initiatives.

The Data Manager Appliance also leverages deep integration with VMware vSphere to deliver unique data protection capabilities like Transparent Snapshots. As an industry first, this capability enables organizations to non-disruptively backup VMware virtual machines while reducing latency to the underlying application and without requiring the use of VM proxies to manage the backup process. The result is organizations can see significantly faster performance compared to VADP backups and restores.

When used as part of a hybrid cloud approach to protecting and securing data, the Data Manager Appliance delivers significant efficiencies. First, native data deduplication enables the highly efficient protection of data within the appliance so that organizations can maintain multiple backup copies within a very small storage footprint on-premises. Secondly, deduplicated backup copies can be easily replicated to the public cloud for backup and DR purposes, as well as long term data retention, to meet corporate data governance and regulatory compliance requirements. The appliance also minimizes the payload of data transfers to and from the cloud – helping to reduce cloud egress fees.  And when used in tandem with PowerProtect DDVE in the public cloud, organizations get all these capabilities with a solution that delivers up to 80% lower cloud data protection resource costs.

Don’t let data protection complexity slow down your journey on the way to the digital transformation superhighway – leave complexity behind and go full speed ahead with the PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance.

1 Based on Dell internal testing, October 2022. Actual results may vary.

Rob Emsley

About the Author: Rob Emsley

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