Simplified Pricing for Vostro Laptops

When we launched Vostro last year, we wanted to help simplify IT for businesses without extensive IT staffs.  While simplifying the ownership and use of technology is a big part of our daily jobs on the Vostro team, part of simplifying IT is also about simplifying the purchase of Vostro systems.

As we’ve gotten to know more about what our Vostro customers want, we’ve found out that the people buying Vostro are some of our busiest customers and one thing they want is more time.  We know that every minute they spend purchasing a new PC is a minute that can’t be spent on running their business.  Time spent hunting for the best deal or comparing prices within the Dell website could be put to better use, and customers have told us that our pricing can sometimes be confusing or frustrating.

So this week, we launched new pricing for Vostro laptops in the US to address these issues.  Here’s what you can expect from Vostro laptops:

  • Consistent pricing within each model.  Interested in buying our new Vostro 1510?  Go online and click on any of the Vostro 1510 “Customize It” links.  Identically configured systems will be identically priced.  This consistent pricing applies to each Vostro laptop model that we sell, so you can spend less time comparing prices within each model, and more time choosing the hardware that’s right for you.
  • Lower prices for the hardware that you want most.  Instead of waiting for the right deal with the right hardware configuration, you can shop Vostro laptops and get great pricing every day.  The upgrade from 1GB to 2GB of memory is only $25, DVD burners are $15, dual core processors are available for $25, and you can double your hard drive from 80GB to 160GB for only $30.  No special deals or coupons are required to get these prices.

We hope that these changes will help speed the purchase process, provide terrific value, and let our Vostro customers get back to business.  Let us know what you think, because we’re also looking to expand this pricing strategy to Vostro desktops.

About the Author: Roel Canare