Simplifying Management With New AMD Opteron Processor-based Dell PowerEdge Servers

Your work is never done. As soon as one task gets checked off of the typical IT person’s to do list, three more get added. It seems like there is never enough time, but in reality, there is enough time, just not enough efficiency. It should be easier, and with the latest Dell PowerEdge servers, based on the brand new AMD Opteron™ processor-based platforms, the job is becoming more manageable.

Dell has recently taken tremendous steps forward in helping to reduce the amount of time that IT professionals spend updating their servers. With tools like Dell OpenManage, and the recent Unified System Configurator, administrators have a way to better optimize the arduous task of updating software, drivers and other components on the server.

And we are helping on our end, with the AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform. This new platform definition defines what the platform is all about. It is a definition that includes the new AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors, as well as the AMD SR5600 series chipsets.

AMD is utilizing the same processor cores and the same chipsets across all of its new platforms, so as Dell builds out new PowerEdge server offerings, like the new PowerEdge 815, they can utilize the same building blocks. 2P, 4P, it’s all the same to us; it’s a single platform definition that will make keeping all of your systems up to date a snap.

Imagine the ease of managing multiple servers, both 2P and 4P, when the system components are the same. The component drivers all rev at the same time. BIOS are all developed from the same base code, so you can update your servers at the same time versus having to play the “update of the week” game.

All of this is designed to drive better value by making your server management tasks easier.  And speaking of value, you really need to take a close look at the new Dell PowerEdge 815 server. This 2U powerhouse is designed to not only drive great performance and scalability, and give you value like you have never seen before.

The Dell PowerEdge 815 is based on the AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors.  Something that is unique about these processors is that while they are 4P capable (giving the PowerEdge 815 32 to 48 total cores), they are close in price to the 2P processors that you have been buying in the past.  This brings an unprecedented value to the market, making the PowerEdge 815 a great product not only for traditional 4P workloads, but also for many 2P workloads. A  PowerEdge 815 with 4 of the low end processors can have a processor cost that is actually a lot lower than competing high end 2P processors, delivering greater performance at a much lower processor price.* For large businesses looking for more scalability, or small businesses looking for headroom for the future growth that they will see, these new 4P servers deliver all that you could ever want, at a price that you just can’t ignore.

We have defined a flexible platform, and the PowerEdge 815 is the first step in this new platform. It can help you reduce your total cost of ownership with flexibility and value. Combine that platform with tools like the Dell Unified Server Configurator and suddenly, there is more time to actually get to those projects that help grow your business. It’s not that we added more hours in the day, but together AMD and Dell are helping you get the most of those hours.

*Based on comparison of median 1ku prices for complete AMD Opteron™ 6100 Series processor family ($744) vs. median of published 1ku prices for complete Intel Xeon 5600 Series processor family (“Westmere”) as of 3/23/10 ($996). See for details.

About the Author: John Fruehe