Simplifying Your Edge to Thrive in the Data Decade

As customers seek to capitalize on edge computing, Dell Technologies brings the trusted experience to the edge to help enterprises maximize the value of the data and drive the business forward with actionable insights.
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Edge computing is not new.

Businesses across diverse industries have been collecting data and deploying IT outside of traditional data centers for many years. But how many of them are satisfied with the value they are deriving at the edge? And how many are truly ready for the data wave that is coming—driven by trends such as 5G, smart devices, internet of things (IoT) and high-speed connectivity?

Dell Technologies defines the ‘edge’ as where data is acted on near the point of creation to create immediate, essential value. Industry analysts predict that more than 50% of new IT infrastructure will be deployed at the edge by 2023.¹ And the number of new operational processes deployed on edge infrastructure will grow from less than 20% today to over 90% by 2024.²

The value of edge initiatives can provide for organizations is to drive real-time actionable insights that achieve business outcomes. Ultimately, these benefits will provide long-term strategic advantage & competitive advantages such as:

    • Operational efficiencies
    • Enhanced experiences
    • Revenue generation
    • Safety
    • Sustainability

Most agree that edge computing needs to be an essential element of the data-driven enterprise. And for many organizations, the potential of data at the edge remains yet untapped, invisible and unused. The sheer volume of data and ability to make sense of the data to arrive at actionable insights in real-time is a challenge in itself. Add the complexity that can arise from deploying, managing and supporting the proliferation of infrastructure, and you can see why organizations need to take a new approach to edge computing.

Simplify your edge

Dell Technologies is committed to helping you simplify your edge. We do this in three ways:

    • Consolidating and streamlining data management and operations as you expand. Expansion often comes at the price of simplicity and efficiency. Years of legacy IT contribute to sprawl, silos and complexity. Delivering value at the edge will require the ability to consolidate and simplify IT and operational technology (OT), freeing you to scale capabilities exponentially.
    • Securing the operational environment at the edge. Compromise is unthinkable anywhere, and cybercriminals are everywhere. Edge deployments need to be first-class citizens when it comes to security and compliance. They need to have the same rigorous security features as that of infrastructure inside a traditional datacenter.
    • Overcoming environmental and latency constraints. You need to ensure that the infrastructure deployed at the edge can withstand not only the physical environment but also the performance and latency requirements at the edge. This includes everything from the server and networking equipment in closets and on factory floors to the laptops, tablets and PCs in your teams’ hands.

Reliable, integrated, and secure edge solutions

We help customers strategically approach their overall edge strategy to assess their environment and create a plan so they can start generating business-driving insights faster with reliable, integrated and secure edge solutions. We are adding a variety of new products and solutions to our already extensive portfolio of edge solutions to help you capitalize on time-critical edge data.

IT built for the edge

Dell Technologies can help you get richer insights faster as you overcome environmental constraints at the edge, with devices and infrastructure designed to stand up to edge environments.

Dell Technologies end-to-end edge portfolio of products and services.

Improve efficiency and speed time to actionable insights using the intelligent Dell Edge Gateway. Powered by modern Intel processors, these ruggedized devices give you uninterrupted performance in harsh industrial environments. Additionally, the gateway helps you connect your OT/IT infrastructure, collect and analyze edge-generated data, providing intelligence, security and device management. Edge Gateways provide the long life expected for more industrialized, edge environments and offer customizable options that address unique, OT customer needs through our OEM Solutions group.

Provide the ultimate in field productivity with Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged and 7330 Rugged Extreme laptops. These lighter, smaller and more powerful notebooks are designed for improved remote connectivity and are now 5G enabled to provide faster communication and leverage 5G networks.

Address evolving IT needs outside the data center with Dell PowerEdge Tower servers. These powerful, adaptive servers act as compute platforms. They are engineered to optimize the latest technologies and scale as needed. Their autonomous compute capabilities help you respond rapidly to business opportunities while the servers’ proactive resilience embeds trust from edge to core to cloud with an infrastructure designed for secure interactions and the capability to predict potential threats.

Keep critical data flowing and delivering value

Dell Technologies can help you streamline data management and operations, with solutions that consolidate and simplify IT and OT, freeing you to scale capabilities exponentially.

Enable a smaller footprint and multiple high-performance GPUs for modern edge workloads with the Dell VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) edge appliance. This new VxRail satellite node deployment option is ideal for customers running VxRail in the core data center and desiring centralized automated management and lifecycle management across core and edge. Dell also supports customization and branding of the VxRail hardware platform to fit unique customer needs through our OEM Solutions group.

Bring real-time analytics to the edge through the Dell Streaming Data Platform, which is software that works as a data broker between edge devices and the cloud or core. The latest version now provides an expanded support of new hardware platforms such as Vxrail and PowerFlex while optimized for GPU to provide near real-time streaming video. These features combined with an unconstrained storage capability makes SDP a versatile platform for analytics from the edge to the multi-cloud.

Accelerate smart manufacturing outcomes with the Dell Technologies Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge with Litmus. This validated solution is designed to centrally manage and orchestrate industrial edge devices, data, and applications from the factory floor to the enterprise cloud.

Benefit from an end-to-end edge vision and global scale to deliver

Edge computing is critical for enterprises to be data-driven and competitive in the age of Industry 4.0. It cannot be achieved by piecemeal edge initiatives executed in silos. You need an end-to-end vision backed by a flexible technology that lets you start small and quickly ramp up at a global scale. With our latest launches, Dell Technologies is expanding its edge portfolio and continuing to bring the trusted experience needed to help you simplify your edge from the edge to the multi-cloud.

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1 IDC, Edge Computing: Not All Edges are Created Equal, June 2020.

2 IDC FutureScape, Worldwide IT Industry 2021 Predictions, October 2020.

Alison Biers

About the Author: Alison Biers

Alison Biers is a sales and marketing professional with 20-plus years of IT industry experience. In her role at Dell, she leads a team of edge solution professionals to increase awareness of the Dell edge portfolio and help customers gain the benefits of edge computing by simplifying the path to edge success.
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