Sliding Into Home: Dell Technology Partner Program Wins

The primary mission of Dell’s Technology Partner program (TPP) is to build strong relationships with our partners that help them succeed in new ways.  I’m excited to share a few stories that illustrate the power of TPP in action!

Data Deposit Box and Caringo  

Data Deposit Box (DDB) is a rapidly growing cloud backup and recovery provider that provides entire business protection for small to medium sized businesses.  Since 2002, the company has amassed an impressive 60,000 customers acquired directly and through its extensive network of over 1,000 resellers and over 100 MSPs. But this growth raises the challenge of providing petabytes of rapidly scalable, easy to manage, economical storage infrastructure for tens of thousands of business customers worldwide.

The answer was a private cloud solution powered by Caringo Swarm running on Dell Servers.

Caringo and Dell integrated software defined storage attacks the cost of inflexibility at scale providing organizations across all industries with a cost-effective, massively scalable and easy to manage storage solution all on standard Dell servers and networking gear.  Click here for the detailed story.

AnesthesiaOS, Dell Software and Microsoft

AnesthesiaOS, a winner of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences and Dell Center for Entrepreneurs “Tech Innovation day,” is a cloud-based modular electronic health record (EHR) solution created by an anesthesiologist to enhance the point of care. The unique design improves the quality and accuracy of anesthesia records while still allowing providers to focus on their patients and not merely charting.

AnesthesiaOS collaborated with Dell Software and Microsoft to add real-time predictive analytics capabilities to its case management solution. The combined solution leverages Dell’s Statistica advanced analytics platform and Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning to empower anesthesiologists to better record, track and analyze patient data, to make real-time predictions about patient risk factors and to take preventative steps in a proactive manner.  Click here for the detailed story.

University of West of Scotland (UWS) and DisplayNote

The University of West of Scotland (UWS) has invested in several “pod” rooms to help make the learning experience more interactive, collaborative and flexible.

DisplayNote enables UWS to deliver anywhere, anytime education – all that’s required is an internet connection! DisplayNote is a software and app solution that allows users to work together and collaborate live on the same content at the same time. Participants can use the interactive whiteboard tools in their app to annotate, take notes and save.

“UWS chose DisplayNote as it was by far one of the easiest products in this genre to use and didn’t require any special hardware to be installed. We can teach students in different locations with comparative ease,” says Jim O’Donnell, Director of Information Services at UWS. Click here for the detailed story.

We’re proud to be part of a program that consistently delivers competitive solutions. Check out my previous blog Technology Partner Program Passes the Test  to learn how we build partnerships and certify partner solutions in our labs.

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About the Author: Brinda Robin