Small Business Profile: Jobscience

Last month, DELL-Bob P interviewed Ted Elliot, CEO of Jobscience, about the new role of technology for HR professionals. As a follow-up to that Techknowledge post, I reached out to Ted to get his perspective on his small business' use of social media. Enjoy!

1. How do you currently use social media to market, drive awareness?

We have developed an RSS to Facebook and Google for pushing employee referrals. Using the Social Graph to drive employee referrals is a new approach.

2. What social media activities do you plan to or want to explore in the future?

We are currently providing linkage to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google, Yahoo and looking at atomkeep and other new social networking tools.

3. In your opinion, why is social media important for small businesses?

We are driving more leads from Facebook than any other source, yes it is very important. At the same time it comes down to messaging and audience combined with identifying distribution points that have the right audience, social networks provide a warm media for generating interest.

About the Author: Kara Krautter