Small Business Tech Tip: Change how Links from Other Programs Open

I love multiple tabs as opposed to multiple windows in Internet Explorer 7, however, I notice that when clicking links from other applications or e-mails, sometimes the target Web pages are opened in new windows.  In my opinion, that somewhat defeats the purpose!

To fix this, I found that one can easily configure whether new links from other programs open in new tabs or new windows.  Here is how:

1. Click on Tools button in the toolbar and select Internet Options.

2. Within Internet Options, select the General tab.

3. Locate the “Tabs” section of the dialog and click Settings.

4. The Tabbed Browsing Settings dialog box contains three options within the “Open links from other programs in" section.

       A new window – Opens links in new Internet Explorer windows

       A new tab in the current window – Creates a new tab if an Internet Explorer window is opened; otherwise, opens a new Internet Explorer window

       The current tab or window – Replaces the current tab or window with the desired Web page; otherwise, opens a new Internet Explorer window

5. Click "OK" to close the dialog boxes and save your changes.

About the Author: Kara Krautter