Small Business Tech Tip: Google with Your Phone

Google offers a very handy tool that's perfect for the road warrior. And you don't need any fancy phone to do it—just send a text to 466453 on your mobile phone (a text messaging-enabled mobile device with a text messaging plan is required) and, based on your query, Google will text back helpful results. But make sure you check your carrier's plan—this service is free from Google but charges from your carrier for text message usage may apply.

  • Find weather info in your area by texting "Weather:" and your city.
  • Check flight status by texting "Flights:" and the flight number (e.g. "ua 14")
  • Look up sports scores by texting "Sports:" and your favorite team's name
  • Keep track of your stocks by texting "Stock:" followed by the ticker symbol
  • Get directions by texting "Directions:", your starting point and your destination (e.g. "Directions: Provo ut to 72202")
  • Get even more tips by texting "help" or "tips"

You can find more examples here.

About the Author: Stefanie Nelson