Small Business Tech Tip: Make your files more e-mail friendly

Do you typically get notices saying your e-mail inbox is full? How about failed delivery attempts when you’re on deadline to send a customer a large presentation? If these sound familiar, here are a few tips to help speed things up and avoid frustration.

1. Turn off PowerPoint’s fast saves to remove excess data from your presentation files each time you save. Go to Tools, click Options, click the Save tab, and then clear the Allow fast saves check box. Then save your presentation again under a new name.

2. Word files increase in size with every tracked change. To reduce file size and see changes clearly, between rounds of revisions click on the Accept Change toolbar button and select Accept all Changes in Document. Then save the document as a new version.

3. End the need for sending large attachments. Link to file or folder stored centrally on your server instead. If you need to send and receive large attachments, consider using YouSendIt, which enables users to send, receive and track files, regardless of size, without clogging inboxes.

About the Author: Kara Krautter