Small Business Tech Tips: Getting Insight on Business Web Videos

Marketing your business online has quickly become the thing that all businesses, large and small, need to do more of. But, when you've got campaigns with email, social media, video, and more — how do you measure the success? Many online tactics require high analytics tools that aren’t always accessible or easy to understand. Previously, small businesses looked to sales as the metric for determining the success of an online marketing campaign. Sites like YouTube and Facebook are offering free 'Insight' tools that provide information on demographics, viewing patterns, etc.

The analytics tools from YouTube are great resources for determining the effectiveness of a video and can help your business know what to improve to reach the right target audience in the future. Here’s what the Insight tool provides:

  • Graphs display the video’s popularity over time
  • Popularity of the video as compared to other videos on YouTube
  • Information on what sites or videos linked viewers
  • Demographics on the audience
  • Most popular parts of the video based on peak in attendance

About the Author: Kara Krautter