Small Business Tech Tips: Is an Intranet worthwhile?

It’s not easy to share information with employees who are spread across different regions and countries. Although email allows for easy communication, having an internal network (like an Intranet) will allow for seamless information sharing. An Intranet can serve as a virtual office where resources and ideas can be shared without the hassle of worrying about file sizes or who to contact.

According to an article in Small Business Times, even in small and midsize companies, significant savings can be found through the productivity gains offered by intranets. For companies with 30+ employees, intranets become true communications and productivity enhancers.

Here are some quick recommendations on what needs to be considered in order to make the intranet successful: 

· Start thinking about what the Intranet to look like and what would be included. Is a consultant necessary for this process?

· Will the new technology integrate with the company’s existing technology?

· How easy will the Intranet be to upload and download content?

There are several great resources available such as Microsoft SharePoint, Web Office, and HotOffice to help get the Intranet up and running.

Do you use an Intranet for your small business? How easy has it been to implement?

About the Author: Kara Krautter