Small Businesses: Economical Travel Ideas

If you are traveling for business — or for a much needed vacation — it’s always best to compare airfares to get the most economical tickets for your journey.

One search engine I use is They have just launched a new service that will automatically calculate airline imposed baggage fees, estimate the cost of onboard beverages, food or entertainment on domestic flights.

TripAdvisor also searches Expedia, HotwireTravelocity, and other airlines sites to get the best prices as well as using seat information and maps from Seat Guru.

Other sites I’ve used like, lists the airline fees separately, but TripAdvisor is the first one to calculate and compare the prices in their results

Looks like some of the airlines are getting involved with Twitter as well: Southwest Airlines JetBlue , SAS, and others tweet about pricing specials and advise about possible delays.

So, if you are looking for a good deal for either a business trip or a vacation trip, check the online travel agencies, and Twitter before you go and you may save yourself or your company money.

About the Author: Robert Peek