Steering wheel cam and DR best practices

Driving with a camera attached to your steering wheel is not exactly a driving best practice.  Not testing your DR plan, as Jon Toigo points, out is not an IT best practice.Failing to make suggestions for improving the situation is not a journalistic best practice.

The future of DR preparation is going to be tightly coupled with virtual systems and storage.  It is possible to create simulations of many different recovery scenarios in virtual environments. This link takes you to a PDF presentation from the Belgium VMware Users Group that gives a tip of the iceberg view of the value of testing DR with VMware's new SRM product. 

In time, I expect simulations of disasters will be part of Jon's and other consultants service offerings.   These types of tests will combine reduced exposure with increased learning and skills. That's a win-win, whereas testing DR the old fashioned way is a no-win deal for many IT professionals – who face unrealistic expectations form corporate management.

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About the Author: Marc Farley