Still storing files on multiple PCs and exchanging files via email?

 Meet Dell PowerEdge T20 – your ideal first server.

The newest member of the PowerEdge family—the compact, yet powerful Dell™ PowerEdge™ T20 mini-tower server—is already causing quite a buzz. A general-purpose, worry-free single-socket server, the PowerEdge T20 is an unintimidating and affordable solution to many of the most common IT concerns for small office and home office customers.

Can you relate to these challenges?

  • I have misplaced or permanently lost data, files, images or applications.
  • I experience slow performance and response time because I store my files in the cloud.
  • I’m unable to easily collaborate with my coworkers due to limited file-sharing capabilities.
  • I spend time and/or money to manage multiple desktops, laptops, tablets or workstations.

We can all relate to times we’ve wasted costly minutes, if not hours, searching on multiple devices for a single file or waiting for an urgent file to go through an email system to a remote colleague or customer. We’ve also all had the experience of frantically searching through desk drawers for an elusive USB drive to take large files with us or to transfer them to another system. And we’ve all had the displeasure of poor video streaming and viewing experiences.

All of these issues were considered in the customer-inspired design and features of the PowerEdge T20 mini-tower server. We want to help you get organized, improve collaboration and drive your applications and media faster. The PowerEdge T20 allows you to easily consolidate data and applications onto a single, compact server that houses up to six internal hard drives to accommodate your future data needs. You’ll also be able to share media files effortlessly and quickly, saving you valuable time in the process.

Small and home offices often don’t have the luxury of a dedicated IT staff. In these environments, maintenance issues can be costly and time consuming. With the PowerEdge T20, you can manage and perform software updates on a central server, rather than across multiple devices. You can also opt for an integrated collaboration suite, such as the Microsoft® Windows Small Business Server, to enable email, remote access and the automatic backup of data. The PowerEdge T20 makes running your small or home office more efficient, productive and secure.

With more small businesses requiring secure storage and easy access to large, often multimedia files, a server will quickly become an integral part of small business success.

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About the Author: Samir Ahmad