Idea Storm Session 2: How Do We Support Employee-led Sustainability Initiatives?

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Every day, employees working in their businesses in their communities, supporting their families, have opportunities to affect the environmental sustainability of their organizations. Dell and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) are working together to gather ideas for how the internet and social media can support their work.

Initiatives to make a company’s operations, products and services more environmentally sustainable come in all shapes and sizes. Some are broad initiatives covering an entire organization; some are smaller, more tightly-scoped, aimed at addressing specific issues. Some start in board rooms; others may start with a single employee working remotely from home on her laptop.

And some of them are like the metaphorical snowball-on-a-hill, starting as a small nucleus and continually gathering both size and momentum.

Regardless of an initiative’s size, shape or genesis, it takes employees to nurture it and bring it to a point of success. The final decision and final action that leads to a more or less sustainable outcome is almost always in the hands of an employee. We are the people who make the day-to-day decisions and take the actions that lead to energy savings, smarter packaging, reusable products, sustainable designs, and more. 

From now until January 9th, 2012, we invite you to use Dell's IdeaStorm platform to add your voice to the collaborative discussion. We want your suggestions, comments and stories on how the internet and social media can be used to empower the sustainability-minded employee. And we want you to vote on others’ ideas as well. 

How do we provide employees the tools, knowledge, connections and motivation they need to make their companies more environmentally sustainable? When and where have employees been particularly successful? What are they doing that works? How and why do they do it? What do they need to be even more successful? 

To participate, please visit the "Employees Leading Sustainability" Storm session page on IdeaStorm and contribute your ideas (note: registration is required).

You can also read others' suggestions, add your own comments and vote ideas up or down. Share word of this "Storm Session" with your colleagues as a wide net will help generate more and more innovative ideas.

Your contributions will help inform Dell's activities, support EDF's work around employee-led sustainability, and be made available to a broader business and academic audience.

Thanks in advance for your engagement! We look forward to seeing your ideas! Get started here.


John Pflueger, Ph.D.

About the Author: John Pflueger

John Pflueger, Ph.D., is Dell Technology’s Principal Environmental Strategist. In this role, John is responsible for driving Dell's corporate strategies on issues around environmental sustainability – including energy, GHG emissions, sustainable materials, water and how Dell’s technology is applied to environmental issues for the health of our planet, people and communities. John received his B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Topics in this article