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Corporate Responsibility Storm Sessions during CeresToday we're kicking off green-focused Storm Sessions on IdeaStorm centered all around corporate responsibility (CR), and we want to hear from YOU what impact a company’s corporate responsibility practices have on you. For example:

  • Do you prefer to buy a product from a ‘green’ company?
  • What makes you think it’s a green company?
  • And where do you get information on its… greenness? From CR reports, TV commercials, tweets from your friends,

Inquiring minds want to know.

Quite frankly… do you CARE what a company does in the course of creating the products you buy? We want to know that, too.

Why all the CR talk? I’m part of Dell’s sustainability team, so we live (and love) this stuff. This week, though, Dell is the convening sponsor at the Ceres Conference (May 5 – 6) in Boston.  For 20 years, Ceres has brought together companies, investors, environmentalists and other stakeholders to integrate sustainable solutions into business strategy. We’re inviting Ceres attendees to participate in our jam session; we’re asking them about our corporate reporting and how we can make it better.

But we thought this was a great opportunity to ask the rest of the community for your thoughts, too. So speak your mind! Tell us what’s up. Help us understand what matters to you so we can do an even better job of delivering it. Do it all at, and click the Storm Sessions tab.

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Topics in this article