Student New Year’s Resolutions:

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The new year is just around the corner and yes, it is that time again…time to make your New Year's Resolutions!  Have you made your resolutions yet?  If so, the real question is, are the realistic??  If the resolution is realistic and attainable, chances are, you will actually accomplish it!!   Here are some suggestions for simple resolutions that a college student can do to start 2008 off the right way!

·         Whenever possible, get an extra hour of sleep every night.

·         Spend ten minutes every evening straightening up your room.

·         Read at least one book per semester just for fun!!

·         Keep up better with the news.

·         Spend a little less time watching TV.

·         Work in extra walking into your everyday routine.

·         Call your mom more often.

·         Help a friend with homework when needed.

·         Do your laundry before it piles up on the floor.

·         Avoid drama as much as possible, and be kind to your friends!

·         Recycle.

·         Try to improve your attention span in class.

·         Attend class more often.

·         Volunteer for twenty hours a semester at a local charity.

·         Eat breakfast every day.

·         Refuse to get involved in relationships that are no good for you.

·         Stop comparing yourself to other students who you think are smarter or more attractive.

·         Floss at least three times a week, if not more.

·         If an election is coming, educate yourself about the candidates and the issues.

·         Sew the missing buttons back on your clothes.

About the Author: Andrea Jestice

Topics in this article