Successful AI is Within Reach

The right partner simplifies AI so teams can focus on innovation and adding business value.

We interact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our personal and professional lives every single day. It’s recommending our next binge-watching obsession on Netflix, performing automated quality control in factories and helping radiologists detect cancer on MRI scans. And it’s not going away. In a McKinsey survey, two-thirds of organizations indicated that they planned to increase their investments in AI over the next three years.¹

This very omnipresence of AI is the reason some organizations feel concerned that they haven’t yet cracked the code to successful AI themselves. But they’re not alone – and for good reason. Data is often siloed throughout the organization and difficult to access. Successful AI requires cooperation and coordination among many different teams and access to specialized expertise. For many of the participants in a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact study, the biggest challenge lay in inefficiencies and an inability to scale resulting from managing disparate AI systems from multiple different vendors.

There is no “cheat code” to successful AI, but there is a better path to success. It starts with selecting the right partner, one who has done this before and can support your organization in the areas where you need help. For many organizations of all sizes, and from every industry, Dell Technologies is that partner.

“Wait, AI doesn’t have to be this complex?”

It’s true. There is a way to simplify AI by accessing data, building, and training models and turning valuable insights into action faster and more efficiently. Dell Validated Designs for AI help organizations do all those things by providing customers with complete AI solutions with hardware, software and support services included. Each solution is tested and validated to excel at AI workloads such as MLOps, automatic machine learning (AutoML) and virtualized AI. Instead of focusing on the architecture and set up required for AI, organizations can focus on AI innovation and delivering business value.

The same Forrester TEI study recently found that Dell Technologies Validated Designs for AI provided incredible value for organizations across the board. The secret lies in a centralized AI environment in which users can manage and leverage the full spectrum of organizational data in a simplified manner. They organized these benefits into several different categories.

Sports and Events Management Company Uses End-To-End AI to Improve Fan Experiences

A Dell Technologies customer is the owner of several United States sports teams and entertainment venues. The organization relies on AI solutions from Dell to help continuously improve the fan experience. As soon as guests arrive at a venue, AI, data analytics and mobile ticketing systems work together to direct guests to open parking spaces closest to their seating area. This improves the efficiency of guest arrivals and departures and gets fans to their seats faster.

Enhancing the safety of all guests is also a key part of their mission. The IT team recently deployed AI computer vision at the edge on PowerEdge servers to enhance physical security monitoring throughout the campus. Real-time AI technology brings incidents directly to the security team’s attention.

The organization’s partnership with Dell Technologies is also helping them operate leaner across the board. The team eliminated hundreds of physical servers using VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure and reduced their data center footprint by more than 50%, driving down energy consumption and their carbon footprint. Storage solutions are helping them expand capabilities without bringing on additional staff and reduce their overall storage footprint.

Stay Competitive with AI

IDC analysts suggested that in order to make the most effective use of AI-driven big data analytics, enterprises will need to create an “end-to-end” AI strategy that is well integrated across edge, core datacenter and cloud. Because of the many new requirements of this hybrid, multicloud strategy, almost 70% of organizations will be modernizing their IT infrastructure over the next two years.

Legacy architectures generally can’t provide the right foundation for long-term AI success. With the right innovation partner by their side, organizations have an opportunity to create the right ecosystem to maximize AI-driven workloads and remain competitive.

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1 QuantumBlack AI by McKinsey, “The state of AI in 2021”, December 2021

Mariah Petrovic

About the Author: Mariah Petrovic

Mariah Petrovic was formerly involved in AI messaging for Dell Technologies Infrastructure Services Group (ISG).