Surveillance Storage at Scale – Isilon and 1,000 Surveillance Cameras

One of the largest security exhibitions is right around the corner and EMC will be in the forefront at this year’s 61st ASIS Conference in Anaheim CA which will bring over 20,000 security professionals from around the world for a few days to sunny Southern California. ASIS is the place to explore the evolution of the security industry. There will be over 600 companies from physical security systems to cyber security products exhibiting.

Here is a quick preview of what you can expect from EMC at the conference.

Surveillance Camera is watching operation in the port.

We will be demonstrating what it means to use Isilon at Scale. What do I mean by “at scale?” Well, EMC Isilon can handle a workload of 1,000 surveillance cameras without breaking a sweat.  When I first started working in this industry in 2005, I would not have imagined a storage solution handling 1,000 cameras.  Since then, the industry has changed from analog to digital, from DVRs to servers and from standard definition to high definition. As a result, the expectation from a storage solution has evolved rapidly.

Today, IT is becoming more involved in determining and demanding an enterprise class surveillance solution that combines the best of COTS hardware and is open, flexible and scalable. Camera counts are increasing in certain use cases like: casinos, safety cities, mass transit and so are the storage requirements to support these large-scale deployments. It is not uncommon to see camera counts in the thousands covering airport terminals, downtown metropolitan areas and large casinos. There is so much data that is being stored and retained for longer periods of time that enterprises have started looking at IT for solutions rather than relying on the DVR/NVR appliances that resided in physical security silos.

If you’ll be at ASIS this year, stop by our booth (#2959) and we’ll illustrate how Isilon is meeting the demands of these use cases and just how easy it is to manage, maintain and grow an Isilon storage cluster.

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Thinking about the clouds? Stop by our booth to find out how Isilon is a better, more secure and economical approach to a hybrid cloud solution for many of the critical video surveillance use cases. There is much debate about where surveillance data should be stored – on-premises or in the cloud?  Talk to us at the conference to understand the right answer for your needs. Check out my earlier blog on why Isilon is the ideal for some of the major video surveillance requirements.

Hope to see you at the 1,000 camera Isilon demo in Anaheim.


About the Author: Steve Lewis