Sweet On Dell Technologies: Shared Values Create Long-term Value

Our purpose is to drive human progress. Our ESG commitments are our purpose in action.

I was in one of my favorite places, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, U.S., when our latest Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Report was published for the world to see. As CFO, I’m focused on creating value for our shareholders, and that means creating value for all stakeholders in the form of:

    • Delivering innovative technology solutions for our customers and partners.
    • Providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our team members.
    • Delivering growth and ROI for our investors.
    • Acting responsibly and proactively to protect our communities and planet…which felt a bit more poignant with the mountains and streams of Jackson Hole as my backdrop.

Our ESG strategy and commitments impact every stakeholder group. And ultimately, it’s through our shared values that we create the long-term, sustainable value we collectively strive for. 

Since our ESG Report published, we’ve had several opportunities to talk about our ESG framework and activities with customers, investors, regulators, and nonprofit partners. We continue to get a few recurring questions about our approach, so I thought it worthwhile to sit down with Cassandra Garber, vice president of ESG at Dell Technologies, to answer them in this forum.

ESG as a Business Imperative

Cassandra defines ESG at Dell Technologies—what it is, what it isn’t and how ESG done right can drive both business and societal value.

ESG Reporting and Global Standards

Tom and Cassandra talk about the evolving ESG regulatory environment and the need for partnership and alignment toward a standard and consistent set of goals and measures.

ESG Innovation in Our Products and Operations

From product sustainability to packaging innovation to e-waste recycling, Cassandra talks about how we’re applying our innovation engine to ESG.

Perspectives on Scope 3

Tom and Cassandra talk about the challenges of Scope 3 and how we’re partnering across stakeholder groups and ecosystems to tackle emissions.

ESG at Dell reflects who we are, what we value, and how we create value for the many important stakeholders on this journey with us. For more on this topic, take a few minutes to listen to the replay of an investor call with Cassandra and our Chief Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Officer Vanice Hayes. Certainly, there is more for us to learn and do to live up to the high ESG standards we’ve set for ourselves and that the future will require. But we are on our way.

About the Author: Tom Sweet

Tom Sweet was previously Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Dell Technologies.