Sweetening the planet, one chocolate at a time.

This Tuesday’s Tech4Good spotlight goes to one of our sweetest Dell customers, literally. Sweetriot, a New York-based chocolate company, is on a mission to change the world one candy at a time.  

Sarah Endline, mastermind behind Sweetriot, calls herself Chief Rioter. She’s rioting for a joyful celebration of culture, diversity, and understanding – the exact opposite of a civil riot. Her goal is to sweeten every aspect of her business. Her candies are made of one of the healthiest fruits from suppliers committed to fair trade practices. Her people enjoy a flexible, mobile workplace and her partners align to the mission and purpose of her business. 

Technology is the key ingredient that enables Sarah’s business and culture to thrive.  As part of the Dell Conversationalists series, Sarah Endline shares tips for other young businesses on how to use tech to build a more efficient business and a sweeter workplace.

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About the Author: Carly Tatum