Talking Tech with Travis: Episode 10 – Powering Multi-Cloud

Travis Vigil and Caitlin Gordon, VP of Product Management for multi-cloud, discuss multi-cloud innovations by design.

With about 65 percent of Dell Technologies business customers using more than one cloud, Dell is a well-equipped companion in the multi-cloud journey. Many customers have adopted multi-cloud infrastructures by default, navigating the complicated process of adopting cloud based on limited provider offerings and needed bandwidth. A customer may rely on a primary and secondary hyperscaler, use multiple SaaS and data center providers, and still run on-premises technology. This often leads to multiple vendors, architectures and contracts to manage. Since customers process increasing volumes of data, including data generated at the edge, their operations may suffer from information and technology silos with a variety of solutions that become very complex to operate.

Dell continues to strengthen its multi-cloud data protection, as announced at Dell Technologies World, Dell CyberSense software for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is now available for AWS. Soon, it will also be available for Azure. A new partnership between Dell Technologies and Snowflake will make it possible to process data residing in Dell on-premises object storage with cloud-based analytics from Snowflake.

To help companies remove the complexity involved in an environment that is multi-cloud by default, Dell Technologies follows a two-pronged approach to enable multi-cloud by design:

    • Enable unified data management that spans from on-premises environments to public clouds, starting with data protection and data storage. Project Alpine, announced earlier this year, enables operational consistency by bringing block, file and object storage solutions and management software from Dell to the three leading hyperscalers — AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.
    • Create a consistent data layer that allows the operations and software of cloud-native environments to encompass on-premises infrastructures, allowing customers their choice of cloud environments and infrastructures to support business operations.

With data protection playing a prominent role, today, more than 1,500 companies across multiple industries rely on Dell to protect over 10 exabytes of data in the public cloud. The newly expanded Dell PowerProtect software safeguards cloud workloads ranging across evolving physical, virtual and cloud environments and is up to 80% more cost-effective than competing solutions.

At this year’s Dell Technologies World, participants saw the newest Dell multi-cloud solutions in action, the same experience we’ve provided for Data Protection Services in the past. The Project Alpine team showcased block storage software for AWS and a file storage service for Azure. They demonstrated how Dell enables a consistent experience from on-premises to public clouds without forcing customers to refactor applications, reskill IT team members, or adopt a variety of new management tools.

Developers working with cloud-native applications and relying on container technology are an important audience for multi-cloud innovation. Based on Dell Technologies’ research, developers spend only 20% of their time writing code. Because DevOps is critical to enabling developer productivity, Dell Technologies helps customers accelerate their DevOps journeys.

At Dell Technologies World, demos of cloud-native mobility applications highlighted how Dell supports DevOps and gives customers the flexibility to choose their cloud operating environments and storage platforms. Dell provides APIs, automation plug-ins and CSI drivers to support Kubernetes distributions with each of its storage solutions and offers container storage modules to support the storage solutions’ advanced data services.

These announcements demonstrate how to truly be multi-cloud by design- it is a marathon, not a sprint. I hope you enjoy this episode of Talking Tech with Travis. Visit Dell’s cloud solutions page to get the scoop on our multi-cloud news. Join the conversation in my LinkedIn feed, and let me know what you think with the hashtag #TalkingTechwithTravis.

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Travis Vigil

About the Author: Travis Vigil

Travis Vigil is Senior Vice President leading Portfolio and Product Management for Dell’s Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG). He and his team are responsible for Dell’s Server, Storage, Data Protection, CI/HCI, Networking and Solutions businesses. He has over 20 years of Product Management, Marketing and Business Operations experience with technology companies including Intel and Dell. In previous roles at Dell, he served as Senior Vice President for Storage and Data Protection Product Management, and Senior Vice President for Business Operations focused on Dell’s Server, Storage and Networking Businesses. He has a B.S. from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.