Tech Prediction for 2014: SDx (Software-Defined Everything)

The term software-defined has rapidly become a familiar buzzword.  Customers are growing wary of old/existing products re-branded as software-defined.  They are also very clear that any software-defined product that requires proprietary hardware to run is not in fact software – it’s hardware-defined-software-defined which is very different!

2014 will be the year of SDx— software-defined everything —but customers will move with caution. Enterprises and service providers will force clear definitions as they embrace software-defined technologies.  IT will be disaggregated as compute, network, and storage move independently into their respective software-defined categories.

Major advances will be made in software-defined storage (SDS), which previously has been trailing software-defined compute and software-defined network.  Software-defined storage will be available as ‘True SDS software’ that can run on any commodity hardware and also as a ‘simple to use’ appliance with software pre-packaged with commodity hardware.  With SDS, enterprises will gain the ability to control their operational expenses even in the presence of unconstrained data growth.

Service providers will adopt software-defined technologies to effectively compete with today’s public cloud providers; delivering new cloud services with next-generation storage architectures.

At the other end of the spectrum, some vendors will continue to reposition their older/existing offerings as SDS.

In summary, 2014 will see the IT industry accepting clear software-defined definitions, the emergence of real software-defined products, and IT and service providers moving toward a software-defined world.

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About the Author: Amitabh Srivastava